My Beautiful Paper Smile Chapter 3 Out Now!

V Publishing and Two Star Games are excited to announce that psychological horror adventure My Beautiful Paper Smile has launched the third chapter of its chilling, ongoing tale just in time for Halloween. The free Chapter 3 update will bring the game a large and terrifying step closer to its final launch early next year, and provide players with a host of new locations to explore, characters to meet and horrors to survive.

Newcomers to the world of My Beautiful Paper Smile can also get in on the seasonal terror at a reduced price, with the game available at a 25% discount during the Steam Halloween Sale. Available now in Early Access, My Beautiful Paper Smile is a horror adventure set in a dystopian monochrome papercraft world populated by strange creatures, dark science, and powerful spirits. A world of dark mystery, where only fools seek the truth behind everything.

Players begin their journey as one of the “Joyous”; masked children raised in an underground facility, raised to be ‘perfect’. The thought of escape is forbidden by the “Authorities” but plans to leave begin forming as a mysterious voice speaks to a child in their sleep. In this new third chapter, players will finally have a chance to uncover some of the deeper secrets of the world as they explore the world outside the facility walls, and infiltrate the King’s domain with the aid of a secretive rebel group.

A list of features include:

  • Evocative hand-drawn pencil art on a polygon world.
  • Developed using Unreal Engine 4.
  • A surreal world to explore, rich with mysteries.
  • Wield strange artifacts to solve esoteric puzzles.
  • Escape the facility through wits and stealth.
  • Explore the realm and uncover long-hidden secrets.
  • Run from or confront otherworldly threats.

My Beautiful Paper Smile is available now on Steam for $14.99 USD/£11.99 GBP, with a 25% discount during the Steam Halloween Sale. The game will remain in Early Access until the release of Chapter 4 in Summer 2021.

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