My Time at Portia Rolls Out Massive Outfit Pack Update

Pixmain, Pathe Games, and ByteDance are excited to announce a brand-new update to their building roleplay game My Time at Portia!

The mobile hit game will receive 28 new sets of attire today that will give players a plethora of options to customize their characters and NPCs in their town, from carefree outfits to futurewave uniforms, elegant suits, and evening dresses.

Straight off the catwalk of fashion week, the latest designer fashions are arriving soon in the town of Portia for players and townsfolk. Brought to mobile this summer by Pathea Games and Pixmain, the hit game My Time At Portia will welcome 28 sets of player and NPC attire packs on iOS and Android on November 26th, 2021. Players will be able to dress in whatever style suits their mood, from “Sandrock Deputy” and “Comfy Jamjams” to “Extra Drippy” and “Leisure Breeze”.

Similar to the content packs available on PC, the new attire packs on mobile will feature both PC outfit packs and brand new outfits exclusive to mobile available for purchase ($0.99 per piece, or $9.99 and $12.99 for bundles) for both players and NPCs (regional pricing may vary):

Player outfit packs ($0.99 each/$9.99 per bundle):

  • Carefree Gesture: It’s durable and it looks good, giving off the smell of freedom.
  • Stripy Neatness: Imported from Vega 5. It immediately upgrades one’s attractiveness.
  • Innocent Memory: Wearing this will make one feel more cultured than usual.
  • Charming Spirit: Casual wear popular in Highwind. It’s very useful as a breaker of the wind.
  • Blue Elegance: A high class attire from Highwind. Many business executives wear this.
  • Country Passion: Now one can look good while roaming the countryside.
  • Leisure Breeze: An attire that’s popular in Atara. Fit for an adventurer.
  • Wandering Heart: It can block out the rain and wind, making the journey easier.
  • (Brand New) Extra Drippy: Old World fashion brought back to life. Represent a neighborhood that no longer exists. Includes walkie-talkie so you can let people know how stylish you are.
  • (Brand New) Comfy Jamjams: Some of the comfiest attire known to man. It is known to cause homebodiness.
  • (Brand New) Futurewave: Clothing meant to represent the future of fashion in the Old World. They didn’t know how right they were.
  • (Brand New) Sandrock Deputy: Attire popularized by the old law enforcement of Sandrock. Gives off an aura of cool, collected authority.

NPC outfits The above will also be available for select NPCs, in addition, some will be wearing exclusive brand new formal wear this season ($0.99 each/$12.99 per bundle):

  • Wandering Heart (Dr. Xu)
  • Carefree Gesture (Sam)
  • Stripy Neatness (Mint)
  • Innocent Memory (Ginger)
  • Charming Spirit (Gust)
  • Blue Elegance (Phyllis)
  • Country Passion (Emily)
  • Leisure Breeze (Arlo)
  • (Brand New) Sleepy Formal (Mint): An exceptional tuxedo that will have the wearer standing out at any formal occasion, as if they’re sleeping on air.
  • (Brand New) White Shadow (Sam): Lovely and sleek attire designed with flexibility in mind. Enables the wearer to be fabulous, yet deadly.
  • (Brand New) Stellar Belle (Phyllis): A dress as deep and dark as the night sky; draws you in with its mysterious energy.
  • (Brand New) Dapper Voyageur (Arlo): A stylish outfit that lets would-be adversaries know that adventuring hasn’t just been a part-time job for the wearer.
  • (Brand New) Sky Captain (Dr. Xu): An outfit worn by airship captains. Functions perfectly well on the ground, however.
  • (Brand New) Lady Ginger (Ginger): A frilly, flowery, and feathery dress that quietly shouts “high society”.
  • (Brand New) Lord Gustingsworth (Gust): Lavish white attire adorned with spectacular looking plumage fit to be carried off by a “gust”.
  • (Brand New) White Dahlia (Emily): A dress with a floral flounce that exudes elegance and delicacy.
  • Players can also purchase a bundle for a lower price containing all items for Player or NPC Outfits respectively rather than purchasing each outfit individually.
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