Mystical Creatures from Different Cultures Used as Online Slot Characters

Slot machines reflect all sorts of creativity. With slots, it is not uncommon to find themes that are based on books and movies—fantasy included. Today, let us take a look at the most popular mystical creatures used in slot machines.


Dragons like the one in the Dragons Treasure slot have long been part of human history—at least in mythology. It is a huge serpentine creature that has powers. The dragon has different versions if you compare the ones from the East and the West. Some have wings, and some don’t. Nonetheless, they could all fly and breathe fire.

Scholars cannot agree on the source of the myth. Dragons in the West have wings and horns, while dragons in the East do not have wings, and yet they could also fly. Some cultures believe that dragons are gods, while others believe that they are merely old animals that went extinct.

Whatever is the true origin of dragons, all these creatures are endowed with great power for creating winning combinations in slots like Dragon Wins, Dragon’s Myth, Dragon Hunters, A Dragon’s Story, Double Dragons, Dragon Kingdom,  and many more.


Werewolves are human beings that turn into wolves during the full moon. Many ancient cultures believe that they are cursed, or that they are the offspring of the devil himself. In traditional cultures, the werewolf does not know what he is doing, and that he acts on instinct and not on logic.

In modern culture, werewolves are depicted as humans who know what they really are. They can control when they become werewolves, but they can only do so at night. Modern stories attribute lycanthropy to a virus. In all stories, werewolves are immortal. They have superhuman strength, and they have the ability to self-heal.

Werewolves today are often pitted against vampires, with the wolves being the bad guys. A good example of such a video slot is Vampires vs Werewolves. Some other werewolves themed slots are The Wolf’s Bane and FullMoon Fortunes among many others.

Big Foot

Many countries in the whole world have their own version of the bigfoot. Some call it Yeti, or the ape-man of the Alps. Some say that the Yeti and the Big Foot are different.

The Big Foot is supposedly an ape-like creature that stands at least seven feet tall. Many say that it has above-average intelligence and that it does not like the presence of humans. In other places, the Big Foot is also called the Sasquatch. There have been many videos of the Sasquatch, but all of them were dismissed as fakes. Although there is evidence of footprints, many mainstream scientists dismissed it as a misidentification of real animals.

Some proponents say that Big Foot is part of a real animal species called Gigantopithecus. Fossils of these big apes were found in Asia. The Gigantopithecus is an extinct genus of apes. The fossils found were two molar teeth, a mandible. Some believe that they are part of the human line. Research now shows that they are more of an orangutan.

Shrouded in mystery, these creatures are widely used by game developers to enhance the thrill of gaming. Legend of Big Foot, Mr. Big Foot, Bigfoot, 9k Yeti – try out any of these slot machines and see for yourself!


Mermaids are half-fish and half-human creatures. In mythology, they are often shown as females with the top body as human, and the bottom half is the tail of a fish. Folklore says that they are creatures of the lost city of Atlantis.

Mermaids are also found in Greek mythology, but they are called Sirens. This, however, is not the only source of the story. Many fishermen of old and until today claim that they have seen both male and female mermaids, which are often referred to as the merfolk.

In the Babylonian empire, there were artworks depicting mermaids. These mermaids were called kuliltu, which meant “fish-woman.”The mermaid was popularized in a Disney fantasy cartoon, the Little Mermaid. It was based on the popular story by Danish master storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.

Today, these merpeople are not forgotten and appear quite often as the main characters of online slots like Secret of the Mermaid, Mermaid Jewels, Mermaid’s Millions, Mermaid’s Pearl, and many more.

Loch Ness Monster

The last on our list is the Loch Ness monster. It looks like a dinosaur, but it lives in the water. The first supposed sighting of the monster was in Loch Ness—it is a freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands. The world found out about it in 1933 based on a photograph.

The Loch Ness Monster story has been around for ages, but it was the 1933 photograph that solidified its place in cryptozoology. The most iconic photo is that of Sturgeon in 1934. It showed the head of the monster. It took 60 years for scientists to determine that it was a hoax. It was determined that it was a tiny submarine made of wood and that the perpetrators did it out of mischief.

Some of the slot games based on this story are Loch Ness Monster, Loch Ness Loot, and Nessie’s Treasure Mega Drop Quest.

If you want to see more mythical creatures in slot machines, your best option is to go to an online casino like Vulkan Vegas. You will find so many mystical creatures themed slots there. Do not worry about paying because most online casinos today offer their games for free today. You can play the slot machines in demo mode, and you do not have to pay for this.

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