MYSTIQA Returns to 16-bit Roots With Graphics Overhaul

Independent videogame developer Julian Creutz is thrilled to reveal that his procedurally-generated top-down action-RPG, MYSTIQA, is returning to its 16-bit roots. Two weeks ago it was announced that MYSTIQA would be coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam September 2020. The announcement came alongside a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Switch development kit and a soundtrack by Dale North (Wizard of Legend, Sparklite) and Hiroki Kiktua (Secret of Mana). Regardless of funding, the game will release on Steam in September.

Julian has responded to fan feedback since the announcement and is returning the game to its original 16-bit style. MYSTIQA has been in development for four years and started out with a 16-bit style. Julian took a break in 2019 and brought the game back into public view with a low-res 8-bit style that, but fans have indicated they preferred the original 16-bit style. The new 16-bit trailer can be seen on Kickstarter which is close to 50% funded with about two weeks remaining:

Copies of MYSTIQA are available at the 10 Euro backer level with the game’s soundtrack and the ability to design various elements of the game, such as items, spells, monsters, bosses, and even a custom biome available at higher pledge levels. Stretch goals include an expanded soundtrack with a title theme by Hiroki Kikuta and individualized boss themes, daily challenges, a release on Nintendo Switch, and additional game modes.

MYSTIQA is now on Steam and will be released this September 2020 regardless of the result of the crowdfunding campaign

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