Myth of Empires International Vanguard Edition Launches, New Servers Coming

Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition Launches, New Servers Coming.

Imperium Interactive Entertainment Limited has announced that Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition will be released on March 1st, 2022 at midnight PST. The game will cost $29.99, but will have a release week discounted price of $20.99; players can also buy a pack of three copies for $56.68. Additionally, new servers will come online the same day at 08:00 PST. Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition uses its own launcher.

Myth of Empires is set on the ancient Eastern continent, featuring a historically-inspired setting. The world has been handcrafted to provide an authentic experience, with realistic geography, landforms, flora, and fauna as well as a rich cultural backdrop, bringing players a refreshing and novel adventure. As Myth of Empires focuses heavily on realism, players will not have access to fantasy elements like magic – instead, the game provides an immersive and realistic sandbox featuring detailed construction and crafting systems combined with a deep character progression.

Key Features Available in the International Vanguard Edition:

  • New balanced gameplay mode: Skirmish Mode
  • New cloak item: Ink Dragon Cloak
  • New fish pond structure
  • New high-quality buildings
  • New trap: Clay Arrow Wall
  • New mounts: War Elephants
  • New events

Players who log in to the game on release day will get a gift pack including in-game currency and EXP-related items. The game will also hold a Double EXP period lasting from March 4th at 4PM until March 6th at 4PM (all times PST). Players who purchased Myth of Empires – International Vanguard Edition during the testing period will get a unique skin. Additionally, there will be a Twitch Drops event held from March 1 at midnight until March 3 at midnight.

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