Namco Museum Review

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Namco Museum is a game collection that was created with a lot of love. From the bright colors and peppy tunes, any arcade rat will feel right at home. This is nostalgia at it’s finest and there is something for everyone. There are a few games that I hadn’t previously played, but I found myself sucked into the gameplay. Something about playing retro games like Galaga have a way of transporting me to a simpler time. A time when reactions in games still mattered, but there wasn’t so much emphasis on online content or monitor refresh rate. When these games were released originally, people had to go to arcades to play. Eventually they could get an Atari, but not everyone could afford that. Competing with local high scores is the lifeblood of games like Galaga, and what kept me coming back to them.Local co-op is available with up to 3 controllers on one console (or 4 controllers on 2 linked systems). For those wanting their nostalgia 2017 style there is online multiplayer for Pac-man. There are even online leaderboards for high scores!

I’m not sure If as a child I just had nerves of steel, but Pac man really made me anxious. Like, I forgot how intense it was. It just keeps getting faster and faster. Dig dug was especially fun since it has been years since I played it. It still holds up and is an excellent time with friends and family, or playing solo. Being able to take all this on the go feels like a real treat. The fact that the Turbografx 16 game Splatterhouse is included sends this collection off the charts. I remember seeing this game at the Culver City Mall in the late 80’s and it was terrifying. Honestly it still is, and I enjoyed finally getting to play it. The eerie ambiance and music make for a stark contrast to others in the collection like Galaga, but it fits well. Namco’s Museum is


well worth the admission, especially if you like the classics.

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