NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Goes Full Send on Bruce Lee Skins

As the year is wrapping up to a close so come the best-of lists and celebrations. Earlier this month NARAKA: BLADEPOINT revealed Bruce Lee skins along with upcoming cross-overs with Fall Guys and Shadow Warrior 3.

Bruce Lee Skins Now Available in Naraka: Bladepoint Alongside Holiday Sale.

A total of eight skins have arrived for the forerunners of Morus Island inspired by Lee’s iconic films. Fans of Bruce Lee’s filmography will recognize looks from Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, The Big Boss, and the fan-favorite yellow tracksuit from cult classic Game of Death. Players can unlock the Bruce Lee-inspired outfits for Tarka Ji, Tianhai, Temulch, Yueshan, Viper Ning, Matari, Kurumi, and Valda.

During the first-ever Naraka Fest earlier this month, fans were treated to inside looks at development as well as what’s in store for the title in the coming year. Announcements included the upcoming Fall Guys and Shadow Warrior cross-overs. Viper Ning will be appearing in Fall Guys and Raikou, Naraka’s Katana skin will be available in Shadow Warriors 3, while Shadow Warrior 3’s Shuriken Spitter will appear in Naraka.

  • NARAKA FEST also hosted Mr. Wen Chenhua, the founder of Armor Forgers, a renowned Chinese armor restorer of the Tang and Song dynasties, and the designer of the armor in The Longest Day in Chang’an.
  • “History in action in NARAKA” — 24 Entertainment and Armor Forgers collaborate together to make all in-game armor historically accurate.
  • Yueshan will be receiving new apparel honoring the great power and majesty of the Terracotta Warriors.
  • The Wuxia Crossover will also show off “The Legend of Sword and Fairy” and the “Xuanyuan Sword”. Naraka will carry on Meteor, Butterfly & Sword legacy.
  • In March, Li Xiaoyao and three other characters will reunite in Naraka in an all-new fashion.
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