Nascar Driver Kyle Larson Uses N-word During an iRacing Event being Live Streamed on Twitch

(AP Photo/Terry Renna, File)

Following the use of a racial slur, while competing in an iRacing event being live-streamed on Twitch, Nascar has decided to suspend star driver Kyle Larson indefinitely without pay.

Larson who represents Chip Ganassi Racing in NASCAR’s Cup Series was competing in an online iRacing event when he lost communication with his spotter. In his attempt to re-establish connection he performed a microphone check and was heard saying. “You can’t hear me?” then uttered. “Hey, (N-word).” “Kyle, you’re talking to everyone, bud,” another driver replied. “No way did that just happen.” Someone else said.


Nascar issued the statement below this morning on Twitter.

iRacing also suspended Larson indefinitely Monday for “offensive and inappropriate” language. He will have to attend sensitivity training as directed by Nascar, he will also not be paid during the suspension. Both of his sponsors through Chip Ganassi Racing include McDonald’s and One Credit Bank who have also issued statements.

None of Larson’s sponsors or affiliations indicated that they would be terminating their relationship with the star driver, however, Chevrolet did also suspended its personal services relationship with Larson and stated, “we do not tolerate this behavior.” Larson took to Twitter to apologize this morning citing he “understands the damage is probably irreparable.”

Kyle Larson who is half Japanese has 6 carrier Nascar Cup Series wins and is one of the many professional Nascar drivers to participate in virtual iRacing events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. He is not the first professional Nascar driver to make headlines in the online racing world in the past weeks’ Bubba Wallace “Rage Quit” an official Nascar iRacing nationally televised event last week and was dropped by his sponsors immediately. It’s easy. Just don’t be racist.

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