Nerds Take On Veterans In An Epic Battle To Win $15,000 For Charity In Immortal Conquest

NetEase Games today announced their massive in-game global battle event for charity in the hit mobile grand strategy game Immortal Conquest. Beginning on October 21st 10 am PDT, players of the ‘most tactical war game for the intelligent’ can join an all-new server to take part in the event for charity. Players can form alliances under one of two factions (Nerds or Veterans), which represent two different playstyles of players, and fight for the grand prize of $15,000 for charity. The charity will be chosen through a vote by the victorious faction, after which Immortal Conquest officials will make the donation directly.

NetEase has partnered with the charity Stack-Up for this epic showdown and has made a $30,000 donation to their cause. is a veteran charity dedicated to supporting men and women of the military through the use, support, and donation of video games worldwide.

The lines are being drawn and recruitment is underway, thanks to the help of faction Nerd and faction Veteran’s ambassadors Dan Bull and Stephen Machuga.


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Dan Bull, the well-known rapper and YouTuber, will be the ambassador for faction Nerd with his hardcore passion for games.

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The Veterans will be led in the game by none other than CPT Stephen Machuga: gamer, military veteran, and C.E.O of Stack-Up.

This monumental face-off will run between October 21st and December 8thwith the two opposing factions fighting for a single goal: the city of Delphi. Alliance leaders can pledge their alliances to faction Nerd or faction Veteran. The Nerd main alliance will start in Asgard, while the Veteran main alliance will start in Vanaheim. The Nerds will use calculation and data-driven choices behind their war strategy and test themselves against tactically-minded military veterans.

Players interested in helping the war effort for a faction can now apply to become a Chief Officer for one of the teams. Here is how to apply:

Send in an application containing your in-game character, server name, alliance leadership experience, which alliance you want to lead (Nerd or Veteran), why you want to lead this alliance, and your plan for leading the alliance to [email protected]Chief Officers will be announced on October 20th.

Upon the end of the conflict, if the city of Delphi isn’t conquered, the faction with the most regional capitals will be crowned the winner. If both factions have an equal amount of capitals, the prize money will be split in half to give to both team’s preferred charities. More info can be found on Immortal Conquest’s Facebook page.

Players can join the campaign and download Immortal Conquest for free on iOS and Android devices now.

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