NetEase’s Super Mecha Champions Celebrates App Store Milestone; Releases Android Launch Date and Special In-Game Event

After launching globally for iOS, NetEase’s newest action shooter, Super Mecha Champions, sparked worldwide attention and became a top recommended app in the App Store across 102 countries. To celebrate this milestone, Pilots can now receive special gift bags and Ace Mache for free when the game is downloaded through the Super Mecha Champions official website or through the App Store. Android users can soon partake in the milestone celebration when Super Mecha Champions arrives on the Google Play Store on July 29.

Collect loot, equip a variety of weapons, suit up in unique Mechas, and battle for the title of Super Mecha Champion amongst Japanese-inspired highrises. With battle royale and Team Deathmatch modes, players can hop in solo or with friends to engage in an intense, fast-paced robotic brawl to victory.

To celebrate the App Store milestone, a special summer event will be coming to Super Mecha Champions:

  • Burning Hot Summer Fireworks Festival: Pilots can receive special gifts, partake in special activities, and hop into the cockpit of a new “hot-blooded” themed Mecha to celebrate new Super Mecha Champions musical scores from Japanese composer Yuki Hayashi, who is known for his work on Gundam Build Fighters, My Hero Academia, and Legal High. The festival will also introduce new dialogue from Japanese voice actors Sato Rina, Ai Kanno, Tomokazu Seki, Kenjiro Tsuda, and more.

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