Netflix Finally Launches Their First Mobile Games

Netflix Mobile Gaming was first announced earlier this year. Many have been waiting in anticipation and Netflix finally launched the first games a little while ago. Read all there is to know about the new games right here.

Netflix started out releasing their new games in Poland. Now they have expanded to more than 190 countries all over the world. If the games are released where you live, you can get started playing right now. Of course, you need to get a Netflix account to play them. Then you need to create a log in. You will need to have internet access to do this the first time. Once you’ve logged in, some games can be played offline while others need internet access to be played.

You need to have an Android-based tablet or smartphone to play the games. Soon you will be able to play using iOS, but at the moment the games are limited to Android. Gaming online, no matter which games you play, requires a certain amount of focus on online safety. One of the best ways to ensure safe surf, download, and game, is a VPN. Many forget VPNs for their phones, but it is just as important as on your computer. You can find the best reviewed VPNs for android here.

What are the games?

So far, the streaming service has released five different games. Three arcade games and two action games based on the series Stranger Things. The latter is called Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Thing 3: The Game. So, if you’re a lover of the series, like so many others, you should definitely try these out.

The other three games are called Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, and Teeter Up. They are, as mentioned, a type of arcade and action games. All the games on Netflix Mobile Gaming are child-friendly, so you can calmly let your kids try them out. If you’re looking for more new games in general, you can always read all about the latest on mobile gaming here.

Can you use shared accounts?

In many ways, Netflix’ new gaming feature is very similar to their streaming concept. This means that it is also possible to have multiple logins to the same account. You can even play the games at the same time as you can on the streaming service. In the same way, there is a maximum of logins and a maximum of usage at the same time. That means the whole family can have fun with Netflix Mobile Gaming at the same time. You can read much more on the influence of new gaming service on the gaming industry here.

It will be interesting to see whether this streaming service giant will break the gaming market. Since Netflix has announced that they won’t offer microtransactions in the games, it seems like this addition is an attempt to build up the Netflix brand and not a quick way to make additional revenue. Either way, it’s exciting news for gamers and viewers alike.

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