Netmarble ESG Report Details Strategy and Goals for Sustainable Management

Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, delivered its first Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) report to showcase the company’s detailed ESG direction, achievement, and goals.

The ESG report provides several key items including an overall introduction of the company, an overview of the ESG strategy and management implemented in 2020, and core ESG goals for sustainable management. The report also shares Netmarble’s ESG vision, “We Entertain, Support, and Grow together,” which encourages the building of a bright future by engaging stakeholders in a transparent manner.

In the ESG report, Netmarble revealed three key initiatives for sustainable growth:

1. Strengthen the competitiveness of games through continuous Research & Development and secure new growth engines based on innovative technologies such as blockchain and metaverse

2. Generate social values through continuous and advanced social contribution activities as well as new businesses that will provide positive change in local communities

3. Execute sustainable management activities based on awareness of the ESG on a company-wide level and the establishment of an ESG management culture

Netmarble is implementing various activities in the effort to maintain sustainable management around ESG. Several examples include the utilization of certified eco-friendly resources for the company’s new headquarters in Seoul, ‘G-Tower’ providing quality social contribution activities, and a transparent and sound governance structure. Additionally, the ESG Management Council was established in December 2021 to spearhead sustainable ESG management.

“Netmarble laid the foundation for sustainable management by establishing its own specialized ESG management strategy in order to adopt an ever-changing business environment,” said, Kwon Young-sig, President of Netmarble ESG Management Council. “We will fulfill the utmost efforts on not only to grow with all stakeholders but also to satisfy its social responsibility to create sustainable value.”

As a result of this ESG report, Netmarble is planning to share the sustainable management activities based on these shared goals, as well as implement further plans with its stakeholders. The next ESG report will be revealed later this year.

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