New Gaming Class QHD OLED Monitor Co-Developed By Dough’s Enthusiast Community Unveiled

Dough Announces New Crowd-Developed Spectrum OLED Monitor, Featuring 27-inch 240Hz QHD Panel from LG Display.

New Gaming Class QHD OLED Monitor Co-Developed By Dough’s Enthusiast Community Available to Pre-Order at a Reduced Price for a Limited Time.

Today, DOUGH announced the Spectrum ES07E2D, a new 27-inch QHD OLED panel gaming monitor coming in 2023. This groundbreaking display builds on the foundations laid by Dough’s crowd-developed Spectrum lineup and is the first OLED monitor truly built for top-tier gaming, leveraging a gaming-grade 240Hz OLED panel developed by LG Display.

Dough attended the 59th International Display Week Symposium, Seminar & Exhibition in May 2022, where it shared its take on major display trends and polled the community to find out which of the upcoming displays they found most exciting. A 27-inch QHD OLED panel from LG Display raised the most interest and discussion. Based on these survey results, Dough picked this panel as a starting point for its latest monitor project, thus giving life to the Dough Spectrum ES07E2D.

With an adaptive refresh rate of up to 240Hz and individually lit pixels, the Dough Spectrum ES07E2D features smooth animations without distracting tears or stutters along with a response time of less than one millisecond. OLED is already one of the fastest technologies on the market, and Dough focused on reducing display lag as much as possible to provide the best competitive gaming experience to users.

No blooming, deep blacks and an infinite contrast ratio are core to OLED technology; Dough’s glossy coating takes it to the next level. Some manufacturers lock their OLED panels behind matte polarizers to reduce reflections, but the Dough community made it clear that reducing reflections is not worth the drop in black levels, sharp detail, and vibrant colors.

More and more new monitors arrive on the market only in ultrawide or curved variants, but the Dough community made it clear that they largely prefer flat monitors in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Not only do these monitors take up less desk space, but they also have broader support in games.

Additionally, many of Dough’s Community members use multiple devices with their monitors. HDMI 2.1 ensures that they can use new features such as variable refresh rate on the latest consoles, while the Type-C port connects users’ monitors and peripherals to their laptops with a single cable that also allows for charging. For those hoping to maximize their cable management, Dough’s built-in USB hub, KVM switch, 100W USB-C charger, and dedicated audio amp get more done with fewer cables.

Similar to the rest of the Spectrum line-up, the new Dough Spectrum ES07E2D monitor will ship with three years of limited warranty, which includes coverage in case of burn-in for the first two years.

The Spectrum OLED QHD 240Hz (ES07E2D) is currently listed on Dough’s website where prospective customers can subscribe to receive an exclusive pre-order invitation at a special reduced price. Early bird pre-orders start at $649 / 749€ and will gradually increase to the full MSPR of $1,099 / 1,199€ by release, which is planned for July 2023.

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