New Inner Strength DLC Has Arrived in Solasta: Crown of the Magister

French independent development studio Tactical Adventures has today launched a new DLC – Inner Strength – for its award-winning, team-based tactical fantasy cRPG, Solasta: Crown of the Magister.

Available on PC and Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox One, complete your party with Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Inner Strength DLC! Unlock the Warlock, Bard, and Monk classes, plus the Dragonborn ancestry, and then head back into Solasta for more adventures!

  • The Warlock Class, with its 4 subclasses: The Fiend (SRD), The Hive (Solasta), The Timekeeper (Community), The Tree (Lost Valley)
  • The Bard Class, with its 4 subclasses: College of Lore (SRD), College of Hope (Solasta), College of Heroism (Community), College of Tradition (Lost Valley)
  • The Monk Class, with its 4 subclasses: Way of the Open Hand (SRD), Way of Survival (Solasta), Way of Light (Community), Way of Freedom (Lost Valley)
  • The Dragonborn Ancestry

In addition to the DLC content from Inner Strength, free downloadable content will also be released for all players that own the Solasta: Crown of the Magister base game. This includes 17 new feats to add more customization, gamepad support on PC, and three new backgrounds known as The Ascetic, The Artist, and The Occultist.

The Inner Strength DLC unlocks three new classes (Warlock, Monk, and Bard) for a total of nine new subclasses (plus three additional ones if you own the previously released Lost Valley DLC) and one new Ancestry (Dragonborn). The RRP for the Inner Strength DLC is $7.99 USD / €7.99EUR / £6.69 GBP.

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