New Melee Brawler Title Flippin Misfits Launches Today

Fresh off its reveal at the Behaviour Beyond showcase, Behaviour Interactive’s wild new melee brawler, Flippin Misfits is available now, only on Steam.

Continuing to branch out into new gaming genres, Behaviour’s latest offering flips the traditional melee brawler on its head (literally!) by giving each of its 2-4 players the power to bend the rules of gravity like never before over the course of a match.

Set aboard the Arkade, a stolen starship the Flippin Misfits have transformed into their own personal playground, this gang of fun-loving young daredevils take part in epic battles using their Blazarpacks to swap their personal gravity between the floor, ceiling, and walls, virtually at will.

What this creates is a kinetic, chaotic, and truly unique 360-degree melee brawl, where up becomes down at the push of a button, you can walk on every surface you see, and attacks can come from any direction. Instant respawns keep players constantly in on the action, and quick matches mean there’s always time for one more round.

Adding to the mayhem, every round begins with players randomly selecting 1 amongst a random selection of 5 out of the 35 different movement and combat power-ups to bring a revolving door of x-factors into every new arena. Vibing with tons of graffiti, neon-pastel tones, and a soundtrack filled with endless groovy beats, Flippin Misfits’ art direction fuses sci-fi and underground aesthetics to create a game where the arenas and character designs are a big part of the fun.

Players can choose between 5 Flippin Misfits and do battle across 6 distinct arenas, located both inside and outside the ship, featuring everything from lava pools, to flaming thrusters, stray mines, and more, with every arena designed specifically for maximum gravity-swapping fun.

Flippin Misfits is currently available exclusively on Steam for $4.99 USD.

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