New Undying Update Adds More Cody Options

Cody’s skill tree, controls, and new skills systems are all revamped!

Skystone Games and Vanimals are excited to announce the first major update for Undying. This is not an April Fool’s joke, that wouldn’t do not do well in the zombie apocalypse… Fans have been asking, and now Cody will be under player control more than ever before! There is a redesign to his skillset which makes use of the control wheel to give Cody options in combat. Cody also comes with an updated skill tree with plenty of new options.

  • Cody will now have a full control wheel in the game.
  • Cody will now have a new set of unique skills on his skill tree.
  • With the new skills system, Cody’s experience points are refunded when you log in!
  • Cody’s new default is to stay and assist in all combat situations from here on out.

Players will also get a bunch of quality-of-life updates in balance, combat, and bug fixes:

  • Brand new Combo System for One-Handed Weapons! When using a one-handed weapon, if you quickly tap the attack button, and hit the target, it will trigger a combo with up to three melee attacks.
  • Attack Cancellation: You can now use the move command to cancel the attack recovery animation, after an attack, to gain more fault tolerance in combat.
  • Upgrades to both Anling and Cody’s backpack will now have 12 slots with default.
  • Bug Fixes for environments, some secret items, and characters have also been added.

As a reminder, while the game is currently in Early Access on PC, UNDYING will launch its 1.0 version later this year on PC and all major consoles!

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