New Update & God Tiamat Out Today on SMITE

Live now, SMITE introduces its new God Tiamat which is claimed to be the most ambitious playable character to date on all levels. Tiamat who originates from the religion of ancient Babylon is known as a primordial goddess of the sea often referred to as “the glistening one”. She embodies a majestic dragon form and a dual-stance Mage with elaborate, unique gameplay features. Earlier this January in a trailer released Hi-Rez Studios Tiamat banished Cthulhu back to the depths and reshaped the world—including SMITE’s Conquest map—in her image.

“Tiamat is the primordial queen, Goddess of the Salt Sea, and a massive labor of love from the Titan Forge team,” says Dishant ‘Clumzy’ Samtani, one of the Game Designers behind Tiamat.

“She is a Mage with two stances and the ability to summon multiple creatures, her monstrous children. With her Flying stance, Tiamat portrays her elegant, regal nature. In her Ground stance, she plays as a feral, draconic, brawling character.”

“We wanted to go above and beyond, especially with Tiamat being the first God of the Babylonian pantheon. From her gorgeous visuals, animations, and in-game presentation to the dual-Mage archetype ability kit, we hope our players enjoy her as much as we did bringing her to the game.”

Tiamat has 2 stances based around her flying and ground postures. Her flying stance will be elevated, unlike her ground stance where she will walk on all fours. Her conflicted personality will be literally translated to her kit by allowing her to show both sides of herself in gameplay.

Tiamat will likely be playable in the mid lane but potentially flexing in jungle or solo. When in Flying Stance she will focus more on long-range magical damage. When in ground stance her passive will pivot to provide her with stacks of a buff that mitigates damage and allows her to attack from a closer range.

Unique Gameplay Features

  • A Unique scale and shape, larger than most gods but not as large as Jormungandr and Cthulhu
  • A completely new type of stance switching tied to movement abilities
  • A Hybrid class that can be a DPS mage or a battlemage
  • The ability to choose between 3 unique pets to spawn within a single ability
  • The ability to duplicate jungle buff drops, gaining one herself but still leaving one on the ground for allies to pick up
  • A unique line attack that charges up firing more rapid-fire shots based on the charge

Viewer Store update

  • New Exclus45ive Skin Voodoo Rock for Baron Samedi is part of the Season 8 Viewer Pass.
  • Out today for just 600 Gems, this yearly Viewer Pass is an exciting offer doubling Viewer Point gains all year long, and unlocking a special Recall Skin on top of this rockin’ Baron Samedi Skin.
  • Also released today as Exclusive Viewer Store rewards: Infinite Avatar Vamana and the more light-hearted Chichen Pizza Xbalanque. And from now on, Viewer Points can be used to unlock savory cosmetics such as Jump Stamps, Recall Skins, Death Stamps, and more.

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