New Update Lands for A Hero’s Rest Early Access Player

Vanargand Games have today released a new update for A Hero’s Rest, a management sim that flips the fantasy adventure on its head – instead of playing the hero, you are the proprietor of a town that attracts heroes, sells them food and gear through inns, blacksmiths and other shops, and pins quests on the quest board for them to undertake. The new update adds the much-requested Active Pause feature, daily quests, the ability to convince unhappy heroes to stay and the new “Focus” proficiency as A Hero’s Rest continues to improve during its Early Access journey to release.

In A Hero’s Rest, you build out a medieval fantasy town from the ground up. Lay the floors and build the walls for the local inn, fill out your town with shops to sell weapons, armor, and magical gear, then decorate and upgrade them all to attract ever more powerful heroes. The game’s compelling management extends into crafting gear for your heroes to buy, with thousands of customization options available. Set quests for your heroes to gather resources and protect your town, watch them grow over time and influence their fate via the tools you provide to them.

A Hero’s Rest’s new update adds the highly requested Active Pause Feature. This allows players to pause the game and take the time they need to craft, build, manage their inventory, and more. The update also adds Daily Quests, giving players the ability to set repeatable quests that are automatically reposted once taken by heroes. This makes it easier for players to have quests available for all their heroes and keep their Morale high.

With the feedback from the community shaping A Hero’s Rest during its Early Access phase, another new feature comes in response to players occasionally struggling with heroes leaving due to low Morale. Heroes that are unhappy will now protest in front of the Innkeeper before leaving the town for good and players can try to convince them to stay by paying a specific amount of gold. Finally, the new update adds a new equipment proficiency, the Focus. This new Item will come with 32 new pieces that can be customised to create a new magical piece of equipment to help heroes on their Quests.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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