New Update to “Fallout 76” Rolls Out, Adding Content and Fixes Bugs

We have a new update for Fallout 76 available now, and it’s a big one. The latest patch brings the game to 10.5, which has a ton of game enhancements and a bunch of new fixes for Nuclear Winter.

Players can now favorite an Underarmor item in the Atomic Shop. Automatic Combat Rifles and SMGs are available in various supply crates. Perks have also been revamped, such as the Dead Man Sprinting perk reducing AP drain 25% slower if you’re below 30% HP. New ZAX Terminal entries are now scattered around the map, and players can reopen the Perk Card tutorial if it was skipped.

And, of course, the patch brings a ton of bug fixes.

Vault 51 has been redesigned to allow player vision to span father and a few graphics glitches have been fixed. Some bugs from equips have been eliminated, alongside performance, stability, perk updates, challenges, and more.

Bethesda got off to a shaky start, but it looks like they’re standing their ground. There will also be updates to stuff outside of Nuclear Winter also, such as armor graphics, weapons, and bugs. VATS also won’t automatically close when Gun Fu perk is active.

You can check out the list down below. For the full list, head over to:


*Underarmor: Players can now favorite one Underarmor in the Atomic Shop for use in Nuclear Winter, in addition to one Headwear item and one Outfit.
*Automatic Combat Rifles: Can now be found in Small Supply Crates rather than pre-existing containers in the world.
*Submachine Guns: Can now be found in Medium Supply Crates rather than Small Supply Crates.
*Supply Crates: Adjusted Supply Crate density in a few areas where more Crates were spawning than intended.

*Dead Man Sprinting: This Perk previously was not applying its effects correctly and has been redesigned. Dead Man Sprinting now causes Action Points to drain 25% slower while under 30% HP.

*Terminals: New entries have been added to ZAX Terminals that can be unlocked by reaching Overseer Rank 100.

*Tutorials: A “More Info” button has been added to the Nuclear Winter Perk Card menu, which can be used to re-open the Perk Card tutorial.


*Power Armor: Sections of the Power Armor Chassis are no longer visible through the Black Rider Power Armor paint, and the paint’s headlamp eye color has been adjusted.
*Power Armor: Pieces of rebar no longer obstruct the player’s view when wielding a heavy weapon in the first-person perspective while wearing Power Armor with the Inferno Mk1, Mk2, or Mk3 paint.
*Shadows: Addressed an issue that could cause character shadows to appear blocky.
*Weapons: The First Responder’s Pump-Action Shotgun Paint will now correctly apply to Silencer mods

*Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could allow items in Player Vending Machines to be duplicated.
*Signs: Fixed an issue preventing the Red Rocket Mega Sign from taking damage from subsequent player attacks after the first.

*Gun Fu: V.A.T.S. no longer automatically closes after killing an enemy while the Gun Fu Perk Card is equipped.

*Performance: Improved C.A.M.P. load times when connecting to a world and after Fast Traveling.
*Stability: On PC, attempting to Fast Travel from one active Event to another no longer sometimes causes the game client to crash.
*Stability: Addressed a rare crash that could occur when Fast Traveling or loading into a world.
*Stability: Fixed, rare crash that could occur when clicking on a Wanted teammate’s Map Marker.

*Operation Tidy: Players can once again speak to Scout Leader Pompy to start the Operation Tidy Daily Quest.

*Character Creation: Being removed from a world due to inactivity while creating a new character no longer causes portions of the UI to disappear upon joining a new world.

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