Nexon Announces WARHAVEN Global Beta Test

WARHAVEN, an ambitious title developed by Nexon that attempts to popularize multiplayer sword fight games, caught the attention of action-seeking gamers all over the world ahead of the global beta test, planned from October 12th to November 2nd on Steam. Players that jump into the beta will be able to select a character and gather a squad to survive the fierce battlegrounds and experience the thrill of melee combat.

More seasoned players proficient with the blade can aim to become powerful supernatural heroes and wreak havoc on the battlefield. Gaining points from destroying the enemy or taking advantage of the terrain to target the opponent’s weak spots can help to accumulate Immortal Power; in turn, players can transform into Immortals to show off transcendental skills, and experience intense sword fights and magic multiplayer combat

In this paradoxical fantasy world where war is a haven, all soldiers can transform into god-like Immortals. Even if players die in a fierce battle, they can quickly revive and carry out action-packed plays. Unlike traditional PvP games, there is no burden of carrying one’s weight but more opportunity to bond with teammates and aim for high risk, high reward teamplay and exciting victories.

Furthermore, allies slain in battle can be revived by teammates or choose to quickly respawn nearby surviving allies. Support characters such as Smoke can restore the health of allies fighting on the frontlines, allowing them to focus on fighting.

Simple controls and diverse characters make an easily playable had-to-hand PvP

In WARHAVEN, six regular Soldier characters Blade, Spike, Arch, Guardian, Warhammer, and Smoke each have their own unique weapons. Players can easily pick and choose between their favorite play style, and learn how to use each weapon in just a few games. Mastering the block move in order to immediately counter an enemy’s attack will be key to survival.

Each character also comes with their own skill such as launching the enemy off the ground, firing a powerful blow from long-range, or hurling the enemy back. These skills allow players to control the battlefield or subdue the enemy to win the fight in various ways.

In WARHAVEN, players can experience greater fun by teaming together regardless of skill level. At the start of the game, 4 players form a squad and battle together through real-time in-game voice chat and briefing functions.

Also, highly skilled players can use strong leadership and share their battle tactics to increase the achievements of all squad members. The ability to squad up regardless of skill level and play together is one of WARHAVEN’s main strengths. Players can show their Commander Level and Commander Role Preference settings on their profile. As a squad leader, managing appropriate squad goals and achieving them will allow voluntary recommendations from squad members and increase the commander level.

Hardcore gamers who already enjoy swordfight combat games can become the hero of their dreams and dominate the war zones. Players can use their own diverse strategies to fully enjoy combat, such as maintaining distance between the opponent for the thrill of close-quarters fights or showering the enemy with long-range attacks from a strategic location.

Sweeping through the battlefield, players can eventually transform into heroes with supernatural powers known as Immortals, and turn the tide of battle in an instant. Martyr uses nimble and devastating attacks and counters to crush enemies on the frontline; Hoet provides protective barriers and revives fallen allies from afar; Raven controls her magical crow to launch long-range, wide area fire attacks; and Darkgale navigates through the battlefield at great speeds to ambush the enemy.

Each map has different missions to obtain victory. Onslaught requires players to push into enemy territory and drive the enemy back, while victory in Skirmish is determined by who controls different footholds. Arms Race takes place on the largest map and requires strategic play to secure war machines and safely escort them through hostile terrain. To satisfy victory conditions in Warhaven, players must utilize the battlefield’s various gimmicks and capture strategic locations available on each map.

Moshabarg and Gella are Onslaught maps. Moshabarg includes large crossbows and a human cannon that launches players directly to the central bridge. Gella has small mobile tanks that can be used for long-range attacks. The fierce brawl for the central foothold in Podden is aided by the cannon foothold in the North and the rally foothold in the South. Hwara is the location of an Arms Race battle to escort war machines that launch destroying cannonballs at enemy statues. Players can also get to experience intense strategic battles through the use of air gliders to storm the enemy from the high ground.

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