Nexon Launches First Half of Kivotos Halo Festival in Blue Archive Subculture Game

Nexon Korea Corp. has launched the first half of the “Kivotos Halo Festival” in their subculture game, Blue Archive. The festival is a major biennial athletic event where players can witness the story unfold in a special event story called “ON YOUR MARK @ Millennium Kivotos Halo Festival.” The story includes unexpected accidents that occur before the opening ceremony, which students must overcome. Additionally, three new students are introduced, including Utaha (Cheer Squad), Hibiki (Cheer Squad), and Noa, each with unique abilities.

During the festival, players can collect points by completing event stories and redeem them for various rewards. Players can also earn the new event-only Lesson called “Stadium.” In the Halo Festival Grand Opening Login Bonus, players who log in to the game by Tuesday, April 11, will receive 100 Pyroxenes daily. On the seventh day, they will receive the SSR-grade furniture Field Day Trophy Case as a reward. In addition, the Kivotos Halo Festival Cheer Practice will take place in-game until Friday, April 14. Players who complete the mission by clicking “Pom Pom” 35 times within 20 seconds will receive various rewards, including 600 Pyroxenes, five Artifact Choice Ticket four, and 10 Advanced Tactical Training Blu-ray Choice Tickets.

Furthermore, Nexon also held a special live broadcast called “Go! Go! Kivotos!” on its official YouTube channel on Friday, March 24, ahead of the 1.5-Year Anniversary of Blue Archive. During the broadcast, the developers released a behind-the-scenes video of the update and announced the launch of a KakaoTalk emoji. The developers also announced the upcoming Blue Archive 1.5-Year Anniversary Festival, scheduled for Thursday, May 20, which has received a lot of attention from players.

Blue Archive is a subculture game developed by Nexon Games and features strategic gameplay, card battles, and RPG mechanics. The game has gained popularity for its unique blend of school life and tactical combat. The game allows players to collect various cards and build their own deck to take on enemies in battles. With the introduction of the Kivotos Halo Festival, Blue Archive continues to add new content and features to keep players engaged and entertained.

Platforms: iOS, Andriod

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