Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds 5vs5 Player Temple Team Arena Regular Season Begins

Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has released a new update for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds that kicks off the 5vs5 player Temple Team Arena regular season. In addition, the latest update introduces special Black Friday events and a new World Boss.

Following a pre-season, the 5vs5 Temple Team Arena’s regular season has officially begun for players to earn Temple Points and buffs by defeating monsters. Through PvP, players can take their opponents’ Temple Points until the team with the higher Temple Score wins the battle. Throughout the official season, players can acquire Asterite, an in-game currency.

To celebrate the Black Friday update, players will have the opportunity to participate in additional limited-time events including special rewards:

  • Find the Black Higgledy Coins – Players can complete a number of missions such as throwing coins into the fountain to obtain Black Higgledy Coins. The Black Higgledy Coins can be exchanged for many rewards including Magic Tome Selection Chests, and a 4★ Darkness Weapon/Familiar Selection Chest is granted once all the items have been exchanged for. Players can choose either a 4★ Darkness Normal Weapon or 4★ Darkness Normal Familiar.
  • Power Up Dungeon Double Up Event – Fire Temple and Familiars’ Cradle entry counts have been increased, and more rewards are available from Goldbeard’s Pirate Ship.
  • Muse’s Thank-you Gift – Muse the Traveling Merchant has an increased appearance rate and various items’ stock counts have been doubled!

The World Boss Acteon is also introduced in today’s update. This giant insectoid Earth element World Boss mainly uses a powerful physical attack and moves swiftly thanks to the wings on its back. Players that defeat Acteon can earn various rewards, including Acteon Accessories.

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