Nightwave: Nora’s Choice Now Live in Warframe

Today Digital Extremes launched Nightwave: Nora’s Choice for Warframe players, offering a chance to earn 30 exclusive Rewards including Weapons, Mods, and other Tenno-sought treasures (visuals below) with several themed around the newest Warframe, Yareli, introduced in the latest Sisters of Parvos update last month. It’s available now.

By offering different Rewards through daily and weekly challenges, Nightwave engages Warframe players by offering unique Rewards available only for a limited time through pirate radio station host, Nora Night. Some of Nora’s Choice Reward highlights include the Eros Ephemera, Keratose Sugatra, Nora’s Choice Cred, Forma Bundles, Umbra Forma, and so much more.

Players Can Earn Exclusive New Yareli-Inspired Rewards, Valuable Forma Bundles, Nora’s Choice Cred, and Other Fan Favorites That Have Returned.

Nightwave Intermission 3 may have concluded, but Nora Night is back with another broadcast in Nightwave: Nora’s Choice, bringing back some of her favorite Rewards as well as introducing the all-new exclusive Ride The Wave Glyph and the Waveform Ephemera. Players can redeem 30 Rewards beginning today, including Yareli-themed exclusives like the Yareli and Merulina Noggle Statue, Ride the Wave Poster, Exposing Harpoon Augment Mod, and exciting customizations like Harrow Crucis and Yareli Physalia Helmets.

Nightwave System Overview

Players can access the Nightwave menu from either their Orbiter’s Navigation Console or via the Main Menu. Players can also interact with the Orbiter’s Radio Scanner to access the Nightwave pirate radio station. Within the Nightwave system menu, Challenges and Rewards are showcased. Players can track their progress and even redeem exclusive items.

The Nightwave menu will display various daily and weekly challenges that change throughout the program. Players can complete these challenges to level up their Nightwave standing which will unlock Rewards as well as earn them Nightwave Cred. In the Cred Offering Store, players can then use their Cred to redeem items such as Mods, Blueprints, Customizations, and more.

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