Nintendo Switch 2 with duel screens leaked?

Nintendo recently deployed there 10.0.0 firmware update and it might have revealed a potential to have dual screens says, one researcher.

Self-proclaimed “Vulnerability researcher, reverse engineer and InfoSec enthusiast” Mike Heskin was investigating the latest switch firmware update and discovered what he claims to be “preliminary support” for a new hardware model “nx-abcd” which could be a second screen.

Why would Nintendo want to add another built-in screen to the Switch? Multitasking, live streaming, a larger laptop size model or maybe even something closer to the 3DS XL? Functionality-wise a second screen on the switch could utilize features far beyond the 3DS XL with today’s technology.

What exactly gives Mike Heskin the idea that this could be the effect of the new firmware? As fake as the codename may sound it does align with previous Switch codenames like “nx-abca” which was the original model and “nx-abcb” being the Switch Lite. DRAM profiles also indicate a new hardware type which is evidence of a secondary display.

10.0.0 was a major update that included features like button remapping a first for Nintendo. I know it’s a lot to digest but Nintendo has done this in the past with the clamshell designed 3DS XL so it’s not too farfetched. We believe Switch still has a long life ahead of it so don’t expect announcements anytime soon. But what we are saying is…. There’s a chance.

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