Nintendo Weekly Content Update May 6th 2021

May 6th’s, 2021 Nintendo Download includes the following content:

  • Skate City – Coast through three iconic locations inspired by real-world skate spots in Los Angeles, Oslo, and Barcelona. Pull off realistic tricks with ease and skate just like the pros. There are hundreds of combinations available, including flip tricks, grabs, grinds, spins, and manuals. Complete over 100 challenges or chill out and ride at your own pace with Endless Skate. Customize your skater by picking up new deck, trucks, wheels, shoes, hats, glasses, and clothes in the skate shop, then skateboard to an original soundtrack of atmospheric lo-fi beats.
    Nintendo eShop sales:

Also, new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch:

  • 2in1 – Application Driver and Serial Killer / Sniper
  • Beach Bounce Remastered
  • Blink: Rogues – Available May 7
  • C14 Dating – Available May 7
  • Classic Checkers
  • CyberHive
  • Dull Grey
  • Fire: Ungh’s Quest – Available May 12
  • Flowing Lights – Available May 7
  • Infernal Radiation
  • Infestor – Available May 7
  • Jigsaw Tetra
  • Mafia Slots
  • My little fast food booth
  • Ninja Epic Adventure – Available May 7
  • Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition
  • Olympic Basketball – Available May 8
  • Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition
  • Raiden IV x MIKADO remix
  • Retro Machina – Available May 12
  • Save me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition
  • Sector 781 – Available May 7
  • Spirits of Xanadu
  • Super Disc Soccer – Available May 7
  • Sweets Swap – Available May 7
  • Techno Tanks
  • Total Arcade Racing
  • Travel Mosaics 9: Mysterious Prague
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