No one will pass unnoticed – Airport Contraband with a new trailer

Inspect passengers, stop smugglers from getting onboard, climb the career ladder and keep your airport safe from criminals – these are your main objectives in Airport Contraband, a game which takes your security guard experience to a whole new level.

In Airport Contraband your main task is to catch suspicious passengers with illegal baggage content at the airport. The success of each mission depends on your ability to observe and divide your attention.

DRAGO entertainment is a game development studio with 20 years of experience. Now, with the publishing support of Movie Games, they decided to focus more on simulation games, a genre which has recently been gaining popularity.

“In response to the growing interest in the game, we decided to add new features and devote more time to improving the existing game mechanics”, says DRAGO’s Head of the Studio, Lucjan Mikociak. “New content will include a stronger focus on contraband items and scenarios for dealing with epidemic and pandemic outbreaks”.

“Airport Contraband is also getting a complete revamp of its career mode”, he continues. “You will now start your career on a tiny airport in South America where smuggling and trafficking gives a completely different perspective on the entire idea of contraband. Unlike on modern airports in the US, the procedures here are rather crude, but also the smugglers’ creativity is in its own league”.

Airport Contraband 3

Feel like a true security guard

Airport Contraband allows you to take on a role of an airport security guard. However, keeping the place safe is not your only responsibility. You will have to deal with various types of threats – from minor violations by regular passengers to catching wanted smugglers. Sometimes your duties will make you feel like a true detective – always double check your clues and make sure you have proper evidence, because falsely accusing someone will get you into trouble. Even the simplest tasks can be challenging – you have to be extra careful when checking passengers’ bags and monitoring their behaviour, to make sure you do not miss the criminal you are looking for. Deal with other issues, such as cancelled flights or spreading pandemic. Everything is in your hands.

Airport Contraband 2

Enforcing the law or working undercover?

Will you accept a bribe and look away or are you going to actually stop the lawbreaker? There are many ways of solving issues happening around the airport and it is your choice which path you want to follow. Your whole career is based on your performance at work. Wrongly accused passengers will make a complaint. If you allow a dangerous passenger to get onboard, it will negatively impact your career. The smugglers will be trying to outsmart you in many different ways, so you have to act fast and learn to work under pressure. Making as little mistakes as possible is your key to victory.

Airport Contraband 1

It is all about experience

The better your performance – the easier your job will be. You start small, with crude methods and little support from others – you can only count on yourself and your intuition. Catching criminals, preventing smuggling and helping passengers will lead you to promotion and allow you to work in new, more advanced places. Join forces with your NPC colleagues – the greater the amount of positively resolved cases, the easier it will be for you to gain their trust and get their help with your duties.

Everyday life brings brand new challenges, such as the pandemic. It is currently a serious threat worldwide and it may also appear in the game. If it does, many flights will be delayed and some of them even cancelled, while infected passengers may become a serious danger to others. You will be in charge of managing the situation – organizing quarantine, helping frustrated and scared workers or passengers and controlling the growing chaos.

Airport Contraband

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