North America reigns supreme – AWC Spring Finals LAN Recap

Just announced only a few days ago the dominant team Super Frogs was picked up by the Cloud 9 organization. Super frogs ripped through the online tournaments placing first in the AWC Spring 2019 – NA Cups #1, #3, #4, #5, and #6. Cloud 9 (NA, Chanimal, Kubzy, Wealthyman, Snutz) representing North America put together a stellar performance in the finals knocking out all the top EU team’s ABC (EU, Jaime, Asgarath, Alec, Niksi), Wild Card Gaming (EU, Maro, Blizo. Loony, Zeepeye), and Method Black (EU Swapxy, Chas, Raiku, Whaazz) then winning the grand final again facing ABC who came out of the loser’s bracket final in a 4-0 best of 7. Undefeated Cloud 9 played all rounds with the same Wizard Cleave composition Destruction Warlock (Chanimal), Frost Mage (Wealthyman), and Restoration Druid (Kubzy). Snutz did not see any action this tournament.

“We are all honoured to be a part of the Cloud9 family. Joining an organisation as prestigious as this has always been our dream. With the support of Cloud9 behind us, we are driven to keep up our momentum and continue improving.” — Kameron Kubzy MacDonald

“World of Warcraft Arena is one of my favourite esports to watch. It was one of the first games that really captured my heart when it came to competitive gaming, so needless to say I’m extremely excited to be working alongside players as talented as Kubzy, Snutz, Wealthyman and Chanimal. They’re a great bunch of guys and highly motivated to dominate the scene.” — Kurtis Kala Lloyd, Cloud9 World of Warcraft Manager

AWC 2019 Bracket final

2018 Blizzcon champions Method Orange (NA, Cdew, Mes, Trill, SamIYam) were sent to the loser’s bracket in the first round by Wild Card Gaming in a 0-3 best of 5. Then fell out of the tournament in round 1 of the loser’s bracket facing ABC in another 0-3 best of 5. Cdew (Chuck Dewland) expressed a bit of frustration on Twitter to his teammates after the losses claiming he was going to retire due to the 0-6 performance in this tournament.

Cdew went to Twitter again later to express his initial post came out of pure frustration. He also pointed out the lack of preparation from the team as a whole and he insisted changes would need to be made if they were to keep competing.

The rest of North America did not fare so well Never Lucky (NA, Kolo, Vellido, Zach, Packratts) fell in the first round to Method Black in a 0-3 best of 5. Changed My Mind (EU, Akrololz, Minpojke, Vilaye) then eliminated Never Lucky in round 1 of the loser’s bracket in a 3-2 best of 5.

The Boys (NA, Thugonomicz, Smexxin, Chunli, Gorecki) managed to win in round 1 against Changed My Mind 3-1 in a best of 5. Method Black sent The Boys to the Losers bracket in the second round of the winners bracket in a close 3-2 best of 5. The Boys would find themselves eliminated in round 2 of the loser’s bracket by ABC in a 1-3 best of 5.

EU dominated the loser’s bracket, but no one could close the door on Cloud 9. Cloud 9 only lost 3 rounds total in the entire tournament, they remained high in the sky. The Blizzcon 2019 Arena World Championship first seed is set in stone! Congratulations Cloud 9 from North America!

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