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Method has been a dominant Esports organization in recent years especially in the World of Warcraft scene. I have played WOW since vanilla on and off its been amazing to see Method grow into such a force. I remember starting the Cdew chant with some friends at Blizzcon 2018! I was always amazed at “The Method Way” … Until now.

Method has more WOW world-first raid boss kills than any other guild ever with 12 total. They recently won back to back Arena World Championship titles in 2018 and 2019 (Method Orange & Method Black). Method also won the Mythic Dungeon Invitational in 2019. As the accolades continued to pile up so did the fame and fortune. Live streams were popping off they began to acquire big-name streamers to broadcast under their tag. Until this day everything was on the up and up and it felt like they had monopolized World of Warcraft genre.

In a recent tsunami (I used the word wave before, but we are way past that now) of sexual misconduct allegations to hit Twitter in the #MeeToo movement, prominent members of the Method organization have been accused. Sascha Steffens CEO/Co-founder along with MethodJosh a content creator and mythic world-first raid member have both been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct. Darrie the general manager of Method was accused of aiding and abetting MethodJosh’s crimes.

Steffens has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending a third-party investigation following the allegations of misconduct earlier this week. Anniefuchsia and Swebliss took to Twitter to share their experiences with Steffens which included predatory behavior and sexual assault.

Anniefuchsia described her experience as being victimized by Steffens’s predatory behavior during her stay in the U.S. for Blizzcon 2017.

Swebliss in a similar situation in 2015 claims to have been sexually assaulted during her Blizzcon stay with Steffens.

Method was quick to respond to the allegations against Steffens with their own Tweet which included the mention of a third-party investigation.

Methodjosh had more serious allegations brought to light by Poopernoodle, 2Alexmae5, Gwenagerie, catscats123321, Wigglegiggles1, and Slappedspaghetti1 which included rape, grooming, sexual harassment against a minor, indecent exposure, and sexual assault.

In Poopernoodle’s story, she claims MethodJosh drove her over 130mph in his vehicle then on a later date, raped her while she was visiting.

2Alexmae5 accuses him of gaslighting her at 16 years of age by using his status to force her to provide sexually revealing pictures to him.

SleppedSpaghetti accuses him of grooming her while underage asking her for threesomes and using his fame to get sexual pictures out of her.

Gwenagerie accuses him of harassment while she was 13 and using racial slurs.

Catscats123321 an anonymous accuser says he sexually harassed her while underage. She also claims she informed Darrie the general manager of Method about the events that took place with her and a friend but was only told they could not pursue action unless she went to the police. She also tried to contact a reporter who published a story that she claims was swept under the rug by the organization.

Darrie responded to the recent accusations via Twitter admitting her mistake.

Wigglegiggles claims while representing her friend she had come to an agreement with MethodJosh privately to ensure this type of behavior would not continue. She then claims her friend reported Josh to the police but was once again brushed off by Darrie.

This story goes on for decades even what was at the time his current girlfriend Introverb chimed in saying she was completely broken from the events that occurred.

Finally, Method issued a statement on Josh saying they take the welfare of minors seriously and that he has been released from the organization permanently. They also stated they will be overhauling their internal policies to make sure nothing ever happens again.

Following the madness of these events on social media people affiliated with Method became outraged and began to formally disconnect from the organization. Announcements of the decision to cut ties with the Method organization from its biggest partners rained down on Twitter.

Who has left Method so far?

  • Esfand
  • PandaTV
  • Cdew
  • Venruki
  • Whaazz
  • Ziqo
  • Payo
  • Creek
  • Djarri
  • Naowh
  • Ellesmere
  • Tips Out
  • Snowmixy
  • Auxdental
  • Zizaran
  • Graycen
  • Cdew
  • Samiyam
  • Mesx
  • Mightymouse
  • Nnoggie
  • Scripe
  • Havoc
  • Cutedog
  • Steelmage
  • Nugiyen
  • Gingitv
  • Fragnance
  • Keaku
  • Swapxy
  • Chas
  • Raiku
  • Demuslim
  • Dratnos
  • Preach

Sponsors including FanByte, Wowhead, and Corsair also announced they will be disconnecting from the organization. Luckily some of the corporations were already out of contract and in negotiations for a new deal.

In the end, it seems the fall of the Method empire is inevitable. I personally looked up to this organization for many years I cheered for them at Blizzcon, watched their streams regularly, I gave my heart and soul only to be let down. I look forward to Paths for new organizations too open, and more jobs to be created and hopefully, the love will be spread on a wider playing field. GG Method.

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