OBAKEIDORO! Festival Held! & Festival Commemorative Campaign Held!

FREE STYLE, Inc. announces that OBAKEIDORO! Festival will be held with an update to be released for Nintendo Switch TM software “OBAKEIDORO!” from 22:00 on Thursday, December 26 and Festival Commemorative Campaign will be held, at the same time.

OBAKEIDORO! Festival is finally held! The distribution starts at 22:00 on Thursday, December 26! Attractive characters which can be obtained only during the Festival period are added! Let’s play on the limited stage and get them!


Festival-limited stamp cards added! Collecting stamps will give you can get “Draco” and “Lizzy” by Collecting stamps the festival exclusive new monsters!


Festival costume characters “Classy Baa,” “Tough Lupus,” and “Bloompkin” appear”


Three characters who change into the perfect costumes for the festival and have advantageous skills on the festival-limited-stage appear!

New human characters “Hans” and “Mel” added!


Festival limited stages “Prank Square” and “Midnight Prank Square” Added!


Stages lively decorated in line with the festival!


Let’s clash the candy box and find hidden humans!


A green pumpkin that is set in a place where it is easy to hide. But if you keep hiding …?

During the festival, the distribution stage schedule will be changed due to the additional stages.

A campaign commemorating this festival is also held!


On the limited stages, “Prank Square” and “Midnight Prank Square,” let’s predict which winning rate is higher, monster or human.
A person who guesses the prediction wins an Amazon gift code by lottery!
Follow the official Twitter and join now!

Campaign details: http://freestyle-games.jp/obakeidoro/news/campain/campain_006

Simple to Play and Easy to Understand Game for All Generations

OBAKEIDORO! is a game of tag that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. The game is set in a world where players can enjoy and even when they are not keen on horror settings. The overseas versions will also be launched at the same time, allowing players of all ages from around the world to enjoy chasing each other online, regardless of their nationality.

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