Old School RuneScape Introduces Game Mode Group Ironman, Influencer Powered Live Stream Event

Old School RuneScape just became even more competitive with the launch of Group Ironman, an all-new co-op mode, available to players on both desktop and mobile today!

Group Ironman becomes Old School RuneScape’s first major new game mode in five years after attracting an all-time record number of player votes supporting its introduction

After receiving the highest number of player votes of any content poll in Old School RuneScape’s history, today’s Group Ironman launch finally brings the team-based play to the game’s highly popular Ironman game mode.

Group Ironman sees players team up to become Old School legends. Teams of two to five players compete together in a fierce contest of wills and skills where they must devise strategies to set new records and rise to the top of the leaderboards. What’s more, unlike typical Ironman, there are no restrictions between team members, allowing them to trade their resources, enjoy shared storage of equipment, and even visit each other’s Player-Owned Houses. This unique way to experience Old School is the ultimate social way to play.

Every piece of content that goes into Old School RuneScape is voted on by the players in polls and requires a 75% majority vote to pass. The Group Ironman poll saw more than 140,000 players cast their vote – making it the most player-voted poll in the game’s eight-year history – and achieved a very successful 80% approval rating.

To coincide with today’s launch, four content creator teams will showcase Group Ironman on their live streams as they put their freshly forged teams to the test. Each team is made up of top gaming creators and will be playing on a Temporary Creator-only Game World with accelerated XP and Drops to help give them a concentrated taste of what Group Ironman has to offer. The Group Ironman streams will be available to watch from October 6th at 19.00BST/ 11.00PDT and 24.00BST/ 16.00PDT.

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