Omeda Studios Receives $2.2M in Funding

MOBA game Predecessor has amassed one of the largest engaged audiences for an indie developer, more than 100k signups and 35k Discord members, prior to launch.

Omeda Studios, an indie game developer building a community-driven, cross-platform MOBA game called Predecessor, has closed its first round of funding. The $2.2M seed round is led by Silicon Valley entertainment and gaming VC, GFR Fund, with contributions from Inventure, Progression Fund, 1Up Ventures, Aream & Co., and Ride Ventures, along with UK super gaming angels Chris Lee, Jas Purewal, and Rupert Loman. The funding will be used to double the size of the studio and make key hires, including Senior Gameplay and Unreal Engine programmers and Lead VFX and Technical artists.

Founded in January 2020 by gaming influencer Robbie Singh, along with Andrea Garella and Steven Meilleur, Omeda Studios is a London-based game studio that is well-positioned for success in the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) market. Omeda started building its first game, Predecessor, in 2018 using assets from Paragon after it was discontinued. Predecessor is one of only a few MOBA games that supports cross-platform play (PC and console) and has already amassed more than 35,000 fans on Discord and over 100,000 sign-ups prior to its beta release.

“We put a lot of emphasis on listening to our community, which helps to ensure we are building the MOBA that we and our community want to play,” said Robbie Singh, founder and CEO of Omeda Studios. “We are a young studio and have the freedom to take risks that lead to big outcomes. Closing this important round of funding will help us get there – not just financially, but through access to top investors and game industry veterans including Ed Fries, co-creator of Xbox; Chris Lee, who has led multiple studios through successful exits; and GFR Fund, with deep roots in gaming and entertainment, among others. We are fortunate to collaborate with these exceptional partners as we continue to support Predecessor throughout the game’s lifecycle.

“This investment marks the first time that GFR Fund has led a seed round in a game studio, which indicates our belief in Omeda Studios as a game creator and Predecessor as a top game in the MOBA arena,” said Teppei Tsutsui, Managing Partner of GFR Fund, who also joins the Omeda Studios Board with this deal. “Omeda has shown tremendous success already, with impressive early engagement numbers on Discord and Steam. Robbie is exactly the kind of founder we look for – he has a clear vision for the company, strong leadership skills and a talented team of artists and engineers working in collaboration with their community.”

Due to COVID restrictions, the team will continue to work remotely for now, but Singh intends to use some of the funding to set up a physical location for the studio. “We see games as a creative industry and believe the best work is done collaborating together in person,” he added.

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