“Omen of Sorrow present at EVO 2017”

AOne Games we’ll be showcasing 4 characters on the latest Omen of Sorrow demo at Evolution Championship 2017; Caleb, Gabriel,  Zafkiel  (a completely new character), and an updated version of their vampire character, Vladislav.

If you are lucky enough to attend, the demo will be available at booth 110, where you’ll be able to try all the game mechanics, and the combat engine on its latest iteration, as Felipe Muñoz Omen of Sorrow’s Combat Designer, explains: “A fighting game engine has very specific and strict needs, that need to be solved in order to deliver a top quality experience the community has come to expect. To have a constant 60fps framerate, deterministic physics and consistent collisions has allowed us to develop a precise and fast paced gameplay we strived for.”

“We’ve got the certainty that players will enjoy what we’ll show at EVO, our next challenge is to finalize our custom matchmaking server to avoid the problems other fighting game titles have suffered. Fortunately Microsoft Azure has placed their trust upon us, so we’ll be able to use their global infrastructure to provide a superior quality experience” Says, Felipe Budinich, Marketing Director.


*AOne Games (2015) is a videogame company currently developing their first title “Omen of Sorrow”, a PS4 fighting videogame featuring characters inspired by classic horror.

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