Omen Reintroduces Brand at Twitchcon 2019

Omen HP’s reimagined, high-performance, gaming computer line touches down at Twitchcon 2019 with a new brand identity along with new products and services. The redesign starts with a clean yet vibrant color scheme full of bright colors and a crisp white logo. Omen listened to the feedback from the gaming community and then applied the data towards a complete revamp.

In terms of the experience, a lot of thought went into this year’s Twitchcon activation. Omen’s ultimate goal was to create an experience where consumers could participate instead of simply spectate. Gamers were involved in the “Gaming Lab Test” where participants tested seven facets of their gaming abilities — teamwork, memory, responsiveness, critical thinking, mental stamina, focus, and creativity. Gamers would compete on a leaderboard, showcasing the tags on screens around the booth. Gamers who were able to complete all seven challenges received a GIF to share on social platforms, thus sharing their test scores with the masses. Hourly leaderboard winners had a chance to redeem a crystal which provided a chance to win prizes like a mouse, keyboard, laptop, or even a desktop!

Omen also hosted an influencer meet-and-greet, giving fans a memorable experience at the event. Said fans were able to engage with their favorite influencers as they walked through the Omen booth experience. Omen brought a wide range of influencers to the show, such as:

iAmLucyMae – Twitch Partner

JERICHO – Twitch Partner

ThatOneBritt- Twitch Partner

Juuke- Twitch Affiliate

PVPX – Twitch Partner

JeikoState – Twitch Partner

Psalm – Twitch Partner

GooseBreeder – Twitch Partner

Missharvey – Twitch Partner

Femennenly – Twitch Partner

Holo – Twitch Partner

MissAlexaDLG – Twitch Partner

CupAhNoodle – Twitch Partner

MajinTaj – Twitch Partner

Elletrikk – Twitch Partner

EvilToaster – Twitch Partner


I think one of the most notable products on display was the new X 2S laptop, which is claimed to be the world’s first dual-screen gaming laptop. This laptop is absolutely amazing! It features a 1080p touchscreen and has an adjustable axis. The second six inch screen rests right above your keyboard, allowing you to multitask with your favorite applications like Twitch, Spotify, and Discord — just as you do at home on your desktop. It also has some really “cool” technology called “Omen Tempest Cooling” which is similar to metal cooling that keeps your laptop stable enough to game for long hours as well as enhancing overall performance. It has a single panel access system for all the techies who want to upgrade the HDD, SSD, or RAM. Of course, being a flagship model, it includes RTX technology and Intel 9th generation hardware on board.


We are seriously impressed with the way the Omen Command Center is evolving. It will feature an AI coaching system that uses data from your gameplay to help you improve as well as add a reward system where you can earn simply by doing what you love to do. It’s also becoming more about community by allowing you to connect with your network more easily. Furthermore, there are many improvements to its current functions including performance control, lighting customization, and monitoring system vitals.


I think Omen is headed in a great direction as far as innovation goes. We are excited to cover their reimagined brand in 2020 — especially that X 2S laptop!



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