One Champion Will Emerge This Weekend at the Farming Simulator League Finals

Agriculture meets esports: GIANTS Software organizes the World Championship to conclude Season 4 in its Farming Simulator League (FSL) competition, inviting all competitors to face each other in their studio in Erlangen, Germany.

The decisive tournament will be streamed on the official GIANTS Software Twitch channel, the FSL Youtube channel, and Facebook on November 19th and 20th starting at 10 am CET each day. Live commentary in English and German language brings an exciting atmosphere to viewers at home when participants have their first face-to-face competition this season to secure their share from the overall prize pool of 100,000 Euros.

The participating teams in the FSL consist of a great mixture between agricultural manufacturers, esports organizations, and Farming Simulator enthusiasts. At this opportunity, GIANTS Software welcomes New Holland as another sponsor for a team: they support the players formerly known as the French participant Fermiers Flamboyants who made a spectacular entrance into the league by breaking the winning streak of team Trelleborg in the fifth online tournament.

New Holland joins the likes of mYinsanity, DJK Ehenfeld, Lindner, Bednar, and Valtra who are also qualified for the World Finals. Unified in the common goal to beat the leading team Trelleborg as the reigning champions and favorite for Season 4 again.

Teams of three players each collected circuit points over the course of the season in order to qualify for the World Championship. The leading team, Trelleborg, earned the advantage to start the knockout competition against the 8th place team from the ranking.

This last spot for the finals is still vacant, as astragon and Corteva Agriscience achieved identical results during the season, sharing 8th place in the rankings. They will fight each other on Friday evening at 6 pm CET to decide the final missing contender in the FSL World Championship.

Starting on Saturday, the final tournament before the showdown features two groups each with an upper and lower bracket for the eight participating teams. The group winners are set for the semi-finals on Sunday, while the runners-up qualify via a second chance. This tournament structure allows one loss and competitors still have a last chance to proceed to the World Championship. On Sunday, the winner in the final match is crowned FSL World Champion!

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