Online Co-op Roguelike Inkbound Early Access Release Date Announced

Shiny Shoe, the indie studio behind 2020’s award-winning strategy game Monster Train, is thrilled to announce the release date for Inkbound, an imaginative tactical online RPG with fast-paced battles, thrilling co-op, and endlessly replayable roguelike runs. Inkbound is coming to Steam Early Access on May 22nd, 2023 and will be available to purchase for $19.99.

Inkbound is a fluid turn-based roguelike that brings the best aspects of Shiny Shoe’s award-winning title, Monster Train, to an online world where the whimsical and dangerous magic of the written word comes to life.

Combining cooperative action, roguelike mechanics, and a living MMO style setting, players can work together to explore the magical Atheneum and the infinite worlds contained within, with each run providing a different experience and an exciting new challenge. Outside of combat, players move freely like in an action game, but within each thrilling battle, players must adapt to the unique turn-based combat system, reshaping their strategy as their powerful build evolves through each run, with draftable abilities, ability upgrades, and hundreds of items to find.

Players can embark on their own solo adventures, but banding together is the safest way to explore this world, tackle its enemies and unlock its countless rewards. Adventurers meet in the magical Antheum, which contains all the stories ever written in its vast library of books. Here they can meet with friends and strangers to party up into groups of up to four, before opening a book to another world where players will face unique threats and build their character.

Inkbound’s universe will continue to expand over time with new books, characters to meet, and challenges to overcome. So prepare for an adventure unlike any other as the greatest stories of Inkbound are yet to be written.

Inkbound will also include a season pass at launch, which will provide access to exciting in-game cosmetics and currency for the cosmetic store. Players that reach the max level will earn enough currency to gain access to the following season’s pass with extra left over to use as they wish. Additional details about the season pass will be revealed at a later date.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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