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With the last week of the online phase of the SPL Fall Split 2016, teams are now settled in with their finalized seeding heading into LAN Group Stage. It’s very important to get the best possible group as there will only be two teams out of four per group heading to Super Regionals. Here are the standings and a quick recap of what happened last week:

North America

Team Points Wins Splits Losses
Luminosity  17 5 2 0
SoaR Gaming  16  5  1  1
Denial eSports  11  3  2  2
Team Allegiance  11 3 2 2
Team Eager  8 2 2 3
Team EnVyUs  7  1 4 2
Enemy  6 2 0 5
Randozos  1 0 1 6


Coming from the Epsilon Invitational, Enemy were able to take NRG eSports to five games in the finals. Ending their split with a win against Eager in the first week and their second against Randozos in the last. The games were hard fought battles and maybe this will be the initial spark that Enemy needed to get out of their slump. We’ll see if they can transition out of their uncharacteristic online under performance and qualify to Super Regionals.

Team Allegiance took on Team EnVyUs this week. A lot of history between some of these players on both teams. Weak3n, CycloneSpin, KiKiSoCheeky, and Incon know each others individual play styles and mindsets inside and out. It’s not surprising that this set ended up in a split. Allegiance and Weak3n continue to throw monkey wrenches during picks and bans with a successful Mercury jungle game which hasn’t been played at all this entire split by any player in any role with the removal of the Golden Bow from SMITE.

Denial eSports against SoaR Gaming was another intensive mind game between the players. Hurriwind and Homiefe used to play in SoaR last split until both parties seeked greener pastures for the Fall Split. The first game was the Andinster and Baskin show able to make all the aggressive jungle invades once they had an experience lead over their opposing role counter parts. Second game was going into Denial’s favor for a majority of the game until Metyankey went untouched in a late game team fight and brought it back in SoaR’s favor.

Luminosity was able to secure their first seed by a small margin over SoaR with two quick games over Eager. A failed invade strategy by DJPernicus and Divios cost them an early life and the rest of their solo side jungle. DJ was never able to recover. Second game this time SoaR brought the invade to DJ. After killing him twice and controlling his jungle in the early phases of the game, Luminosity completed a sneaky gold fury as four members of Eager over rotated to secure their own speed buff. Luminosity did a great job playing off of their lead and never gave Eager anything back in return, only having 3 total team deaths by the end of the game.


 Team Points Wins Splits Losses
 Bipolar Method  17 5 2 0
NRG eSports  15 4 3 0
 Obey Alliance  15 5 0 2
Team Dignitas  8 2 2 3
Fantastique  7 2 1 4
Cringe Crew  7 1 4 2
 CycloneGG  4  0 4 3
Sanguine Esports  2 0 2 5


An unexpected split between NRG eSports and CycloneGG. A well studied game plan of finding iRaffer’s rotation to ward at level 1, CycloneGG waited around mid for a very quick and easy first blood credited to VoteNBK. On top of the early game, CycloneGG had some nice late game plans by sneaking a phoenix in the duo lane while NRG was distracted around Fire Giant. With fire minions constantly flooding the left hand side, NRG was split up frequently by the constant maneuvering from Cyclone. Second game was all about the draft from NRG. With Sol for emilito and Chiron for Yammyn, their damage was through the roof paired up with the utility Fafnir from iRaffer.

Fantastique against Sanguine was all about the side lane pressure from MoGoW and Jermain. Whether it was Rama or Xbalanque, Fantastique drafted Fafnir on Dardez to allow Jermain to continue what he does best; destroy people.

Captaintwig played Arachne in both games against Team Dignitas and excelled with the weaver only dying once. FrostiaK and ShadowNightmare could not keep up with the pressure coming from Obey Alliance.

An interesting last set between Cringe Crew and Bipolar Method. Both teams seemed hot and then not. First game Cringe Crew got a deicide on BM at the 23 minute mark which persuaded an early surrender to try to recuperate for the next game. This proved to be very beneficial for Lawbster and the boys as they were able to not only win against CC but forced an even quicker surrender at the 18 minute mark.

This concludes online play for the SPL Fall Split. The LAN groups will be announced live during patch notes this week, Wednesday @ 4:00 PM EDT on

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