Open Beta 2 is HERE!

Vikings, the time is here. You have until NOW (Sep 5th) until Sep 9th at 11:59pm to play!


A few things to note before heading into Midgard:

  • Team mate HP is not always synchronized and will not display true HP
  • Menus are NOT well-supported with Controllers (in the Blessings Menu, you need to switch buttons to spend points, from acquire to cancel to cancel to acquire)
  • Inventory Management also has known issues with Controllers, such as where equipping an item may close the tab (we recommend having a mouse nearby just in case)
  • Creatures can become stuck on Camps and spawn over each other
  • There is a current known visual glitch where names do not show above avatar (but still display on Mini Map and World Map) when activating the Display Names option in the Settings

And we’re very sorry, but the Community Chest won’t be here for this Beta. We’re still working hard on it, as it’s super important! Here’s how it’s looking:

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