Open the blast doors! Crew 167: The Grand Block Odyssey jettisons out of Early Access on April 8th.

Lovers of puzzle gameplay and puzzling stories will be happy to hear that oddbreeze’s mind-bending block pusher, Crew 167: The Grand Block Odyssey, is coming out of Early Access on April 8th.

Do your best to sort out reality from hallucinations as a malfunctioning implant in the head of the titular Crew 167 causes strangely addictive sliding block puzzles to manifest around every corner. Discover the history of his ruined home world as he tries to complete his journey to Hope 9, a possible new refuge for humankind, assuming he can escape the refuge of his own mind first.

Crew 167: The Grand Block Odyssey will launch in full on Steam on April 8th 2020 for $18.00 USD, and the Early Access version is still currently available for those who want to get in on it right now.

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