Open World Tactical RPG Wartales Lays Down Plans to Exit Early Access

Wartales, the medieval open-world strategy RPG from Shiro Unlimited, which has sold over 400,000 copies, will expand to the new region of Alazar and launch its 1.0 version on Wednesday, April 12th, 2023, as announced at the Future Games Show Spring 2023.

Step into a world filled with cruelty, treachery, and possibilities. The full release of Wartales, now leaving Steam Early Access, comes with a plethora of new and updated features inspired by the community. In addition to the 1.0 launch, players can explore a fresh region teeming with unique secrets to uncover.

The breathtaking, perilous land of Alazar, characterized by snow-covered plains and sinister motives in the lofty Drombach mountains, beckons adventurers. Collaborate with local forces sent by the Church of Edoran to save the territory from the divine Wrath of the Eye. Investigate the source of this devastating power alongside a revamped faction of Alazarian Soldiers and the Inquisition, clad in the armor of the Purifiers’ Guild.

Master enhanced turn-based strategies to conquer the distinct fauna and predators of the icy landscape. The collapse of the Edoran Empire has paved the way for a life of avarice for many: assemble a dedicated group of mercenaries with diverse abilities to take on contracts, hunt bounties, and navigate the treacherous lands that lie ahead. Establish a formidable reputation, then set up camp to train fellow fighters and gear up for the next adventure.

The full 1.0 release of Wartales also includes:

  • Refined visuals
  • New arenas, rouste fields, and battle maps
  • Fresh ruins, abandoned villages, and hidden secrets
  • Expanded character customization options
  • Extra balancing, skills, and specializations

“We’re incredibly grateful for the invaluable role our community has played in shaping Wartales’ identity,” said Quentin Lapeyre, Game Director at Shiro Games. “As we conclude this Early Access period, we believe that the driving force behind the game’s success lies in the shared passion between our team and our fantastic community. Naturally, the end of Early Access marks the beginning of a new journey filled with stories to weave, mysteries to solve, and enemies to vanquish. So, prepare yourselves, friends; sharpen your swords and buff your shields, for the towering mountains of Alazar are coming in April, and their residents are far from hospitable.”

Wartales will be available on Wednesday, April 12th, 2023, for Windows PC via Steam, with support for English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese languages.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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