Open Wrold RPG Ars Notoria Gets 2023 Early Access Release Window

Wishlist the game on Steam now, releasing in PC early access next year.

Become the leader of a growing faction in Ars Notoria, an upcoming action RPG from indie developer XRON Software launching in 2023. As multiple factions vie for control, vanquish supernatural creatures using unique elemental abilities. Recruit additional adventurers over time and craft buildings to forge a powerful, sprawling faction.

Begin as a lowly beggar, newly drafted into the kingdom’s army to fight the growing scourge of Enthralled, magic-infused creatures formed by corrupted shards of spiritual energy. Uncover their origin and engage in an epic struggle with the god-like High Spirits and the warring factions that worship them. Players can complete main story missions and side quests multiple times to experience the tale from different viewpoints. Carve a path of destruction and fear or restore unity and hope? The player’s choices decide the fate of the region and its citizens.

Craft and customize a variety of buildings, including living spaces, combat defenses, and shops. Recruit non-combat NPCs to grow their faction ranks, making them stronger and increasing their influence throughout the kingdom. While venturing through the world, command faction members to perform a variety of tasks from forging enchanted weapons and armor to researching crafting recipes, and defending outposts.

Across several character types, Ars Notoria’s combat also features multiple elemental abilities, ranging from fire and ice attacks to poison and lightning. Experiment with elemental attacks and weapons to defeat enemies and face gruesome boss battles. Not interested in fighting solo? Team up with up to four friends in multiplayer to battle enemies, complete quests, and explore the open world together.

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