Oppaidius Desert Island! Turns Up the Heat, Surpasses Kickstarter Goal in Just 30 Hours

The small indie studio SbargiSoft, composed by artist Vittorio Giorgi and programmer Matteo Benin, released on Kickstarter its crowdfunding campaign for a new video game: the new ’90s inspired visual novel, with a Japanese imprinting, Oppaidius Desert Island!

Currently on Kickstarter, and having surpassed its initial funding goal within the first 2 days, Oppaidius Desert island! now sets its bedroom eyes on unlocking a set of stretch goals with additional backer support, after surpassing the 10,000€ milestone!


Oppaidius Desert Island! is an adult visual novel, with more than 200 hand-drawn animation frames, an awesome soundtrack with great Japanese guest composers, pixel art backgrounds and a rich story.

Oppaidius 1

The first part, “Oppaidius Tropical Cruise!”, is already released, and you can download it for free on Steam! It is not a demo, it is an extensive +18k word story, the first part for Oppaidius Desert Island!

Oppaidius Desert Island! is the conclusion of the saga, with a long story featuring more than 30,000 words.

Oppaidius 2

Here it is the promotional trailer for Oppaidius Desert Island! crowdfunding campaign!

Key Features

  • – A love letter to old PC-98 visual novels
  • – Legendary composer Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden, Captain Tsubasa series, Streets Of Rage 4) joins the game with an original track!
  • – More than 200 hand-drawn animation frames
  • – Gorgeous artworks, with an unique art style that combines anime and pixel art
  • – Comedic story featuring 30,000+ words with different endings
  • – All-Star Japanese guest composers including Masashi Kageyama (Gimmick!, Sunsoft), and Tsuyoshi Kaneko (SEGAGAGA, Gainax, Yakuza series)
  • – Sizlla Okamura, the composer of the NeoGeo cult classic “Viewpoint”, will join the project with a remix track as a campaign “stretch goal”!
  • – A Yamaha YM2151 sound chip-powered FM-synth score
  • – Music by Luca Della Regina (Xydonia, Steel Assault)
  • – More than 20 incredible original audio tracks
  • – No censorships!
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