Paladins Dawnforge Update Brings New Map, Event Pass and Lovestruck Kasumi Death’s Howl

Today Paladins released the new major Update Dawnforge introducing its first new Map in over 3 years, a new Event Pass, and more.

With its mysterious energy spheres floating around and gently wheezing cosmic machinery, Dawnforge would be a peaceful place – was it not a mobile fortress acting as a battlefield for the powers that be. Summoned by Azaan to “protect” the Realm, Dawnforge will in reality be its doom as the Eternal would not risk the Abyss corrupting Paladins’ world – he would rather destroy it preemptively. When playing on Dawnforge, claiming victory is as critical as can be.

This weekend a special ‘Dawnforge Only’ Limited-Time Mode will allow everyone to enjoy the new map at will.

Thematically tied to the new map, the Event Pass: Chaos Rising is also out today with a total of 24 thrilling rewards. The most loyal Pyre soldier, Eternal Emissary Tyra, is unlocked instantly upon purchasing the Pass, while Raum becomes a devilish hybrid construct straight from the Dawnforge with the new Harlequin skin.

The Paladins community will be delighted to see one of their wishes fulfilled. All that Gold piling up can now be put to good use, as each Event Pass level can be purchased for 70,000 Gold starting today. Players can still unlock levels by spending crystals instead, or just by playing. The Buy All option rewards all content instantly.

With the Event Pass: Chaos Rising also comes a refresh of the challenging quests and rewards of the Trials of the Realm.

Lastly, the community had shown their eagerness to play as Lovestruck Kasumi, her first-ever skin, teased last month. Today she is finally out! Along with her eerie doll—an accurate likeness of Class President Rei—she is available both in the Arcane Powers Chest and for indirect purchase for 800 Crystals.

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