Paradox Interactive Insider 6/13/2020 Stream Recap

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Collector’s Edition and Damsel’s Return Revealed

  • Bloodlines 2 is getting a limited Collector’s Edition, now available for pre-order for $169.99 USD.
  • Damsel, a fan favorite Brujah from the original Bloodlines, is making a return in Bloodlines 2. Voice actress Courtenay Taylor is reprising her role as the iconic character.

Empire of Sin Mob Boss Reveal – Dean O’Banion

  • Introducing Empire of Sin’s newest playable Boss, Dean O’Banion: part-time florist, full-time gangster. Dean’s all about doing dirty work on behalf of the Catholic church (as anything but an act of charity).
  • Dean O’Banion hails from the Irish North Side of Chicago, boasting high Intimidation and a knack for tearing through thugs with home-made explosive shotgun shells and cutting costs on breweries.



Crusader Kings 3 – Gameplay Demo

  • Lead Designer Alexander Oltner and Community Lead Rodrigue Delrue ran through a new demo, showcasing some of the tougher decisions a medieval ruler may have to make. The question wasn’t whether or not they’d assassinate a family member, it was picking which one!

Surviving the Aftermath Update 8: Tainted Earth Launching June 18th

  • Update 8: Tainted Earth, will be available on Thursday, June 18th to all Surviving the Aftermath players. This update focuses on pollution with the introduction of different pollution strengths, an area of effect around pollution hot spots, and catastrophes that can make pollution levels rise. It will also introduce changes to water and food production and consumption, resource gathering and logistics, and more.
  • Surviving the Aftermath will launch into Steam Early Access on October 22nd and is now available to Wishlist.

Prison Architect: Island Bound

  • Following a delay announcement, Paradox reassures fans the Island Bound expansion is coming soon.

Hearts of Iron – Celebrates its 4th Anniversary

  • Paradox Development Studios celebrates four years of Hearts of Iron IV. Selling more than 2 million copies, Hearts of Iron 4 has become a staple game for fans of alternate history.

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