Parallel Studio Signs Partnership Deal with Quantic Dream

The studio behind the critically acclaimed Detroit: Become Human game, Quantic Dream, just announced their partnership with Parallel Studio.

With support from Quantic Dream, Parallel studio plans to focus its efforts on creating a new game featuring improved narrative, atmospheric and poetic cinematography. The ambitious new title will emphasize on narrative, atmospheric and poetic cinematography.

Parallel Studio’s Game Director and CEO Ronan Coiffec and Audio Director Nicolas Bredin announced the partnership during a broadcast at Pégases 2021. As a publisher, Quantic Dream will support Parallel in delivering its vision for the project.

“Quantic Dream’s support for our most ambitious project yet is an exciting arrangement for everyone on our team,” said Ronan Coiffec, CEO of Parallel Studio. “We’re eager to continue our work alongside one of the most creative and brilliant video game teams the industry offers, one that will ensure the quality and care a project like ours requires.”

As part of its agreement with Parallel Studio, Quantic Dream is opening its door to the studio and providing them access to a vast array of creative tools and resources, including motion capture, voice recording, animation, and more. Quantic Dream will also support global PR and marketing efforts around the game, ensuring players from everywhere will discover this unique game.

“We are delighted to have Parallel Studio as one of the independent studios we are supporting in the development and edition of their next title,” says Guillaume de Fondaumière, Chief Executive Officer of Quantic Dream. “We were seduced by the concept proposed by this talented team, made up of personalities who have signed several recent critical successes. After Berlin-based Jo-Mei and Red Thread Games in Olso, this partnership is Quantic Dream’s first with a French studio.”

Founded in 2015, Parallel Studio is an independent developer established by industry veterans from Quantic Dream, Ubisoft, Dontnod Entertainment, and Eden Games. Previously, the studio developed the indie survival horror game White Night in 2015 and the VR horror game Dark Days in 2017. Their latest project, EqqO, was released on Nintendo Switch last year.

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