Participate in Co-op Tower Defense Title Voodolls Open Beta

Tate Multimedia and the French indie studio SideRift cordially invite all brave gamers to take part in the Voodolls Open Beta, which commences today! For five action-packed days, team up with your buddies to defend the Puppet Master against endless hordes of malevolent demons. Voodolls is set to launch on Steam on April 13th, 2023.

Join the Open Beta on Steam here!

Throughout the Open Beta, players will have full access to all four Voodolls, the game tutorial, two planets, and three difficulty settings that progressively increase in challenge, as well as an endless mode for non-stop action. In addition, Open Beta participants will receive an exclusive Corrupted Skin that will never again be made available once the Beta period concludes.

Voodolls is a thrilling online co-op tower defense game that challenges players to fight for their freedom after being trapped in hell. They are given a chance to escape by the enigmatic Puppet Master, who distills their essence into Voodolls. Players must engage in intense battles across twelve planetoid stages, with the objective of holding off waves of enemies that seek to keep them imprisoned.

The key to victory lies in working together to protect the Puppet Master and preserve the hope of escape. Each Voodoll comes equipped with unique abilities that, when combined, can overcome any challenge.

Voodolls will launch on Steam April 13, 2023.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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