PAX East Unviels Full Exhibitor List, Alanah Pearce Keynote Confirmed

PAX East 2022 welcomes renowned video game writer, producer, content creator, voice actor, and charity streamer Alanah Pearce, who will give the Storytime keynote address at the East Coast’s most attended gaming event. Hundreds of publishers, developers, and other exhibitors will come together Thursday, April 21st through Sunday, April 24th, 2022, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for the first time in two years.

PAX East guest-of-honor Alanah Pearce has informed and entertained millions across international radio, internet, and television, plus games like Gears 5 and Cyberpunk 2077. Her industry knowledge has elevated IGN and Rooster Teeth while drawing huge audiences to YouTube and Twitch as Charalanahzard. A champion of accessibility, equality, and diversity in games, Pearce created the Video Game Accessibility Awards in 2020 and joined a AAA studio as a video game writer that same year. She will welcome gamers home to PAX East with the Storytime keynote address from the Main Theatre (and streamed live on Twitch) on Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at 10:30 AM Eastern.

Following the keynote, explore a massive show floor replete with hundreds of beloved developers, AAA and indie publishers, and hands-on demos of hotly anticipated titles. See the latest from 505 Games, the renowned publisher of Death Stranding, Control, Ghostrunner, and the Eiyuden Chronicle series. Experience new announcements or first-ever playable debuts for games like Devolver Digital’s Trek to Yomi and Demon Throttle, Swordship from Thunderful Games, Cuisineer from BattleBrew Productions, The Last Worker from Wired Productions, WrestleQuest from Skybound Games, RAWMEN from tinyBuild, and many, many more.

These partners join a staggering lineup of new and previously announced, like Gearbox Software, Larian Studios, Focus Home Interactive, Koch Media, XSEED, Intel, AMD, Apogee Entertainment, Ysbryd Games, Humble Games, and so many more. See Games Done Quick break records in-person, watch esports’ youngest and brightest play Valorant for $7,500 in collegiate scholarships, witness popular content creators throw down in Fall Guys, and catch all-star panels with industry personalities like WWE Superstar Xavier Woods AKA Austin Creed and Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil.

Follow the action straight to the Main Stage, where 1047 Games and PAX Arena are proud to present the $10k Almost Pro Splitgate Open. Watch some of the world’s best compete in the free-to-play, fast-paced arena shooter with player-controlled portals and multi-dimensional combat. Host Alex Corea and casters SUP3RSON1k, RomeDMV, CoachBitey, and aEvilCat will call the matches throughout the weekend, culminating in a Sunday Grand Final that fans eager to hear what’s next for Splitgate won’t want to miss.

1985 Games
Booth: 13100
DnD accessries! Dungeon Craft 2D terrain sets, Deck of Stories story building decks, Dungeon Notes …
505 Games S.p.A
Booth: 11030
Abyssal Studios
Booth: 16085
Abyssal Studios was founded by two best friends based in Michigan and California in 2021. They are …
Academy of Art University
Booth: 10055
AEGIS Combining Robots
Booth: TT62
Booth: 11018
Take your game to the next level with Custom Controllers for PlayStation and X …
Alchemy RPG
Booth: 11091
Alchemy is a connected platform that re-imagines the experience of playing tabletop role-playing ga …
All In! Games
Booth: 17105
Booth: 13043
Booth: TT11
Amplifier Game Invest
We’re excited to show our double feature for Lightyear Frontier and Dice Legacy! Find both of these …
Anthropic Studios
Booth: 23093
Way of Rhea is a puzzle adventure. Hard puzzles, forgiving mechanics. Solve mind bending color puzz …
Apogee Entertainment
Booth: 19085, 19091
Come play Apogee Entertainment’s upcoming titles and even meet the developers! We have new demos fo …
Arcane Artisans
Booth: TT91
Archon Games
Booth: 13086
Armor Class 10
Booth: TT23
Booth: 11081
Artovision is a pioneering collectibles brand inspired by our earliest experiences playing arcade g …
ASTRO Gaming
For years, ASTRO Gaming has been involved in the design of many forms of the video gaming arena. No …
Booth: 10045
Badger Hub
Booth: 24094
Badger Hub is a design studio currently developing “Me, My Mech and I” which is a Stardew-Valley-li …
Battlebrew Productions
Booth: 16087
From the multi-award winning studio, BattleBrew Productions, comes a super cute and tasty rogue-lit …
Battleground Games & Hobbies
Booth: TT13, TT21
BenQ America Corp
Booth: 12071
BenQ, the Taiwanese company popular for manufacturing top notch ZOWIE Esports monitors and gaming m …
Berzerk Studio
Booth: 17102
Booth: 21099
Asian pop culture inspired streetwear where craftsmanship meet style.
Bomb Shelter Games
Booth: 17084
Depths of Sanity is an underwater metroidvania nightmare. Use unique tools like sonar and diver su …
Bottled Games Interactive
Booth: 16086
Bottled Games Interactive Inc. is committed to providing players truly-completed gaming experiences …
Brace Yourself Games
Booth: 11043
Known for Crypt of the NecroDancer, Cadence of Hyrule, Industries of Titan, and Phantom Brigade, Va …
Broken Spear
Booth: 16096
Broken Spear is a Montreal-based independent game development studio comprised of veteran talent fo …
Booth: 15086
BryceKhoDraws features prints of original and fanart drawn by Bryce Kho, an artist best known for c …
Booth: 15097
ByoWave engineers’ solutions to allow gamers to take control. ByoWave is an Irish start-up that ha …
Cat Crash
Booth: 17086
Come check out Cat Crash a CATapulting 2d mobile platformer.
Cavalry Games
Booth: TT83
Booth: 10023
Cheap Ramen Games
Booth: 16098
Cheer Up Games
Booth: 10086
We make party games! Cheer Up, The Ultimate Party Game and Swearmints, the world’s most portable pa …
Booth: 10085
Child’s Play
Booth: 11038
Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Booth: 10032
Join Extra Life to change kids’ health to change the future. Extra Life unites thousands of gamers …
Chromatic Games
Booth: 16084
Dungeon Defenders is a cooperative Action Tower Defense game packed with roleplaying elements like …
Clark University – Becker School of Design and Technology
Booth: 11050
Coalition of Parents in Esports
Booth: 21103
Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE), founded by parents of professional gamers, is a 501c3 nonpr …
Coozies Games
Booth: 10090
Booth: 10092
D&Tea a tea company that develops immersive teas to drink while you play your favourite RPGs. F …
Daylight Basement Studio
Booth: 24096
Indie game studio based out of Boston working on our first title, Rightfully, Beary Arms. Rightful …
Dekoni Audio, LLC
Booth: 22029
Dekoni Audio is here to make your headphone experience more comfortable, and improve isolation and …
Devolver Digital
Booth: 17078, 18084
Devolver Digital is a boutique game label owned and operated by a team that replies to Slack thread …
Dial Up Games
Booth: 19103
At Dial Up Games retro is our thing! We specialize in retro video games and consoles and pride ours …
Dice Dungeons
Booth: TT81
At Dice Dungeons our mission is to make tabletop gaming better for our customers by creating the ga …
Dice Throne
Booth: TT41
DigiPen Institute Of Technology
Booth: 22035
For over 30 years, we’ve helped aspiring artists, developers, and designers raise up their skills t …
Booth: 16031
It’s where your world hangs out. Discord is a voice, video and text communication service used by o …
Dot Dream
Booth: 18097
Dot Dream LLC is a game development studio that specializes in 2D games that focuses on creating co …
DPI Merchandising
Booth: 22059
Booth: 20079
DreadXP is a game studio, publisher, and media company focusing on the horror genre. Our goal is to …
Drinks & Dragons
Booth: TT82
Drinks & Daggers is a cooperative drinking card game set in the world of the podcast Greetings …
Booth: 10100
DRINKS with FRENEMIES The Sabotaging Party Game …where friends become enemies and enemies become …
Booth: 13037
Elderwood Academy
Booth: 10071
Elderwood Academy is a group of nerdy artists and craftspeople who make premium leather and wood ga …
Booth: PAX Arena
Gaming conventions are fun—they’re also extremely loud. So, as gamers’ biggest ally against headach …
FanFit Gaming
Booth: 10020
Gifts Gamers Love – Designed in Toronto, Canada OUR MISSION is connecting fans and enhancing pride …
Booth: 15078
Fishing Cactus
Booth: 22055
Fishing Cactus is an independent games developer composed of 20 individuals. Based in Mons, Belgium …
Fixture Gaming
Booth: 10058
Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and founded by industrial designer Austin Stark, Fixture Gaming d …
Floodgate Games
Booth: TT42
Foam Brain
Booth: 10079, TT92
Everything you need to make your next game a Critical Hit! We sell metal and acrylic dice along wit …
Focus Entertainment
Booth: 12043
EXPERTISE SERVING PASSION Focus Entertainment bring decades of know-how and expertise to turn origi …
Free League Publishing
Booth: TT86
Free League Publishing is a Swedish publisher and game creator who created and published a range of …
Freedom Games
We believe that smaller game development teams can create world class experiences and drive true in …
Frostbox Studios
Booth: 24088
Right to Rule is a game where you compete against other players by doing quests, killing monsters a …
Furious Tree Games
Booth: 21101
Furious Tree Games is a passionate tabletop publisher with a highly innovative team with over 30-ye …
Game Underground
Booth: 13103
Booth: 20081
Gamera Games
Booth: 15099
We are an indie game publisher that wants to share our love for Indies by helping the community and …
Booth: TT94
Games by Stitch
Booth: 19099
Games by Stitch is an indie studio hailing from Toronto, Canada with a specialization in interactiv …
Booth: TT03
From the start, Gamewright’s mission has remained clear: Create the highest quality family games …
Gaming Outfitters
Booth: 12070
Booth: TT71
Gearbox Entertainment
Booth: 11017
The Gearbox Entertainment Company, LLC is an award-winning creator and distributor of transmedia en …
Geek Therapeutics
Booth: TT52
Whether your love is video games, Dungeons & Dragons, anime, or comics, you likely identify as …
Booth: 11097
Part mad scientist laboratory and part dream workshop, Geekify is a company committed to helping br …
Gehenna Gaming
Booth: TT93
Gehenna Gaming provides unique horror gaming experiences to fans of TTRPGs with a focus on safety, …
Gemhammer and Sons
Booth: TT23
Glitch Gaming
Booth: 24078
Goblinz Studio
Booth: 15084
Based in France, Goblinz started as a small indie studio developing on tactical, management, and RP …
Good Nerd, Bad Nerd
Booth: TT84
Gray Forrest Games
Booth: 12179
44 BCE is a rotating all-on-one strategy board game for 2-5 players aged 14 and up. On the Ides of …
Gunnar Optiks
Booth: 11036
We get it. You aren’t going to stop looking at screens anytime soon. That’s why GUNNAR offers a rea …
Hero: Tales of the Tomes
Booth: 11087
Hero: Tales of the Tomes is a multiplayer card game in which each player takes on the role of a leg …
Hit Point Press
Booth: 10091
Hit Point Press is a Canadian team of ambitious creators who love to build for the games you love. …
Hooded Horse
Hooded Horse is a publisher of Strategy, Simulation, and RPGs located in Dallas, Texas. We are pub …
Humble Games
Booth: 13079
Best known for critically acclaimed and award-winning hits such as Wizard of Legend, Temtem, Forage …
Since 1999, iBUYPOWER has fueled the passion for gaming by giving our customers the highest quality …
In the Den Games
Booth: 12087
Indie Boards and Cards
Booth: 11102
Indie Game Studios comprises Indie Boards & Cards and Stronghold Games. About Indie Boards & …
Indie Games Poland
Booth: 19071
Indie Games Poland is a non-profit foundation, which was created in order to support Polish video g …
Indie Press Revolution
Booth: TT53
Inktale Studios
Booth: 21096
Aron’s Gift is an action-adventure role-playing game created by Joe and Kristin Shiraef of InkTale …
Intel Corporation
Booth: 18007
We help gamers become the best versions of themselves competitively, socially, and creatively. Join …
Japanime Games
Booth: TT33
Japanime Games bring the finest tabletop games to you from Japan! From card games, to boardgames, f …
Jasco Games
Booth: TT63
Jason Anarchy Games
Booth: TT65
Jason Anarchy makes funny games that are quick to learn. Games by Jason include: The Drinking Que …
Kainga: Seeds of Civilization
Booth: 22057
Kainga is an unusual village builder set in an ancient world full of surprises. Adaptation is key w …
Booth: 15096
Kickstarter’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life. In games, comics, design, and alm …
Knght Moves Cafe
Booth: TT72
Koch Media
Booth: 15029
Koch Media Inc. is the global publisher for labels such as Prime Matter, Deep Silver, Milestone, an …
Booth: 16104
Konologic LLC is an indie game development studio, focusing on story-driven experiences with unique …
KSV Esports dba Nimble Neuron
Booth: 18078
Booth: 16091
Founded by David Darling (Founder of Codemasters) in 2011, Kwalee have been a publisher for over 10 …
LAI Games
Booth: 10061
LAI Games is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of unique, accessible, and creative games and …
Larian Studios
Booth: 13019
Lay Waste Games
Booth: TT24
Lesley University
Booth: 10026
The Game Design & Immersive Technologies program is housed in the College of Art + Design, and …
Level Up Dice
Booth: TT02
Limited Run
Booth: 21085
Limited Run Games is a premium publisher of physical games. We’re here to bring your favorite digit …
Logitech Inc.
Logitech G is a team focused on pushing the boundaries of performance and exploring the possibiliti …
Loot Everything
Booth: TT12
Lynnvander Studios
Booth: TT01
Mass DiGI
Booth: 12100
Play our games! MassDigi is the center for entrepreneurship, academic cooperation and economic d …
Match Point Game
Booth: 16103
Match Point is a frenetic, retro eSports game for PC and consoles! Tether, kick, block, and counter …
Mega Cat Studios
Booth: 10024
We are an independent video game development studio with a global team. At our core, we are passion …
Booth: 10036
The cast and crew of Mega64 bring their creations to PAX East!
Mercury Learning and Information
Booth: 12101
Metal Head Games
Booth: 15080
Metallic Dice Games
Booth: 10097
Metallic Dice Games is your source for the highest quality dice and accessories! Established in 201 …
Mighty Yell
Booth: 14103
Hustle your way across ‘90s America as a runaway teen con artist in The Big Con. Play as Ali, a cur …
Monster Adventure Terrain
Booth: 12090
Raise your RPG and TCG Gaming to the Next Level with Monster! From Trading Card Supplies to RPG pla …
Motion Twin
Booth: 18096
Creators of Dead Cells, currently working on our next project! We are an independent studio based i …
Move Rate 20 Games
Booth: 10098
Move Rate 20 Games is a small board game company founded by four friends in southeastern Massachuse …
Booth: 10088
Blinks is a hybrid physical and digital tabletop platform fostering creativity and community. Move …
Moving Pieces Interactive
Booth: 15098
Booth: PAX Arena
MSI is a world leader in gaming, content creation, business & productivity and AIoT solutions. …
My TCG Exchange
Booth: 12080
Buy and Sell Pokémon Cards
Nerds-Nobody Ever Respects Dorks Society
Booth: 24098
NERDS Clothing is an independent street wear company based in New Jersey and was founded in 2011. …
New England College
Booth: 10030
Nomnivore Games
Booth: 10082
Nomnivore Games (NOM) is an award-winning indie studio based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in …
Norse Foundry
Booth: 12084
Origami Whale, LLC
Booth: 12177
The world is a dangerous place. Disappointed fathers, depressed giant squids, dynamite on train tra …
Pandemonium Books & Games
Booth: TT51
Come nerd out with us about all things board games, roll our metal and gemstone dice, trade and buy …
Paradox Customs, LLC
Booth: 15037
We build dope PCs!
Booth: TT95
Paw-Warrior Games
Booth: 11093
Paw-Warrior Games is dedicated to bringing you card games with unique mechanics that are simple eno …
PM Studios
Booth: 19079
Founded in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, California and Seoul, Korea, PM Studios, Inc. is an indep …
PNY Technologies
Booth: 22025
As avid gamers, we are here to help you achieve the ultimate gaming experience by combining YOUR pa …
Booth: 11032
PQube is the international creator, publisher, and distributor that’s brought you favorite titles s …
PSC Games
Booth: TT43
PulsArt Studio
Booth: 18102
Booth: 10099
ALL DICE TELL A STORY. What story will yours tell? Q WORKSHOP makes thousands of finely crafted d …
Raw Fury
Booth: 15090
Raw Fury is a video game (un)publisher that designs and publishes indie games. We don’t care about …
Rescue Pets
Booth: 24082
Resolution Games
Booth: 19097
Booth: TT63
Founded by game designer, digital artist, and professor Mary Flanagan, Resonym is a dedicated, woma …
Reversal Games LLC
Booth: 13088
Control the Elements! Break the chain! Reversal Games is excited to share it’s first title – Tome: …
RGB Custom PC
Booth: 22053
Expertly built gaming PCs! Completely customizable options with a hassle free experience.
Runaway Parade Games
Booth: 10096
At Runaway Parade, we believe the urge to play never disappears and we want to create experiences t …
Booth: 20073
Savage Sparrow
Booth: TT85
Schell Games
Booth: 16097
Schell Games, one of the largest entertainment and education game design and development companies …
Screenwave Media
Booth: 24092
Screenwave Media Games develops and publishes character-driven, accessible, and retro-inspired vide …
Simteract S. A.
Booth: 19098
Simteract is a game development studio specializing in vehicle simulation games for the PC and cons …
Skybound Games, a division of Skybound Entertainment, collaborates with creators to publish, produc …
Snowbright Studio
Booth: TT15
Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Snowbright Studio is an LGBTQ+ game studio dedicated to creating unique a …
Snowcastle Games
Booth: 16093
Stack Up
Booth: 22017
Founded in 2015, Stack Up (TAX ID: 47-5424265) supports US and Allied veterans by promoting positiv …
Stat Trackers
Booth: 10093
Stat Trackers are awesome accessories for 5th edition D&D and other RPGs. Our initiative tracke …
Booth: 24090
Studio217 is a two-person indie game studio based in Baltimore, Maryland. We are Karen and Cole, tw …
Stylin Online
Booth: TT61
Booth: 10028
Sunblink is a game development studio based out of Boulder, Colorado, specializing in multiplayer e …
Swapette Showdown
Booth: 16080
Swapette Showdown is a competitive action puzzler for one to four players. Swap the blocks to creat …
Synersteel Studio
Booth: 19096
Valley of Shadow is an autobiographical puzzle game about mortality. Cast Spells to unlock rooms an …
Team Sometimes Y
Booth: 18098
We are Team Sometimes Y and we are presenting our game: Part of You. Come to our booth to check out …
Booth: 10087
TeeTurtle makes apparel, toys, and games with the mission to create products that bring people toge …
Booth: 17098
Tentworks Interactive
Booth: 14105
Tentworks Interactive is an Indie development studio with the aim of creating beautiful and detaile …
The TESA Collective
Booth: 10078
The TESA Collective creates board games and card games about changing the world. From STRIKE! The G …
The Unpub Network
Booth: TT14
Booth: 22102
the*gameHERs is a community, media platform, and social network for women and femme identifying gam …
Thunderful Games
Booth: 15031
Tic Toc Games
Booth: 17080
Booth: 15043
Top Trumps USA
Booth: 12103
At Top Trumps USA Inc. we make people smile with our range of great gaming experiences for familie …
Total Mayhem Games
Booth: 24084
You both awaken imprisoned inside the sinister Castle Rock – were you betrayed, or simply not that …
Tough Love Arena
Booth: 18096
Tough Love Arena is a web-based, indie fighting game with rollback netcode that’s 100% free to play …
Tri Kilts
Booth: TT16
Tursiops Truncatus Studios
Booth: 16099
Twilight Creations
Booth: 10103
For all of your horror needs. Specializing in horror-themed board games and gaming accessories. Plu …
Type 3 Studios
Booth: 18099
Type 3 Studios was formed by four friends who want to make cool things. We’re excited to bring our …
Ukiyo-E Heroes
Booth: 12102
The best pins and prints at PAX! Come see my original artwork, done in the traditional Japanese Uk …
Booth: 10044
VGNYsoft is a video games publishing label dedicated to bringing indie games to the mass market thr …
Booth: 10046
Videogamesnewyork is an iconic video games boutique. We are committed to promoting video games as a …
Booth: 10049
Viper Gaming
Booth: 10054
At Viper Gaming, we share a common belief that gaming should be accessible to everyone – no matter …
Volante Design
Booth: 12085
Voodoo Ranger
Booth: South West Lobby C
Whitethorn Games
Booth: 15092
We’re an indie game publisher focusing on pleasant, cozy games that can be played in pieces, that r …
Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co
Booth: TT04, PA6
Wild Bill’s is a premium, non-alcoholic craft beverage company. For over 20 years, Wild Bill’s has …
Wired Productions
Booth: 14030
Hello! We’re your friendly neighbourhood (but global!) indie-loving games publisher! With a passion …
Wise Wizard Games
Booth: 12079
Booth: 22039
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Booth: 15103
WPI’s Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD) program educates the game developers of the fut …
WW1 Game Series B.V.
Booth: 10050
Ferocious Alpine warfare will test your tactical skills in the authentic WW1 FPS: Isonzo. Battle am …
Booth: 12096
Quality Wooden Tabletop Gaming Supplies & Furniture
XPG (ADATA Technology USA)
Booth: 10060
XPG (XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR) was established by ADATA to provide high-performance products to game …
XSEED Games / Marvelous USA
Booth: 11061
XSEED Games is the independent-minded publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc. Formed in November 20 …
Yeyian Gaming
Booth: 22051
Yeyian Gaming is the leading supplier of cutting-edge technology for gamers, creators and PC enthus …
Booth: 21091, 21097
Ysbryd Games
Booth: 13085
Publisher best known for VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, WORLD OF HORROR and more! We wor …
Booth: 12091
Zenni proudly offers Blokz® for all gamers to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that em …

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