Phageborn Online Strategy Card Game Free Public Beta Opens Today!

Independent developer, Games Revolted, have announced that their online strategy card game Phageborn, is now available in open beta with an Early Access launch planned in early 2020. Combining a deep storyline with strategic gameplay, Phageborn offers online card game fanatics a host of features including as a dual resource system, a twin lane battleground, 2v2 multiplayer mode and a large variety of unlockable avatars that players can assign to their deck to execute their ultimate winning strategy. Phageborn is free during Open Beta and will launch later on Steam Early Access for $14.99, €12.49, £11.39.

“We’ve been conceptualizing and developing Phageborn for nearly four years now, and the fact that we are now in Open Beta is downright thrilling”, said Danijel Matic from Games Revolted. “We are very much looking for feedback from fans of this genre to help guide us through the finishing touches in Early Access, so that we can make Phageborn as close to perfect as possible for the full launch.”


In the beginning of time, “The Alpha Creator,” a godlike entity was born to create and shape matter, to build the universe. Existing in a dimension where none can enter or leave, The Alpha Creator cloned himself, splitting his powers amongst them, to fulfill his vision. But even the Alpha Creator made mistakes, as did his clones, which could not be fixed. The solution was “The Phage”, otherwise known as the god of the apocalypse, a being that could erase realms, lives, and even entire planets – in the blink of an eye.


Unlike other clones, The Phage was the perfect clone of the Alpha Creator. The other clones soon decided that their idea of a perfect universe differed from that of the Phage and the Alpha Creator and so, with much effort, destroyed the Phage. However, being a god of existence, an immortal and timeless primordial entity, the essence of the Phage survived and continued to wander the universe in order to find a host in which he could reincarnate. This process was dangerous and few survived, with those successful being known as “The Phageborn.”


The story of Phageborn features many different and dark fantasy worlds, but the events in the Phageborn digital card game occur in Issilith, a realm destroyed by an unknown evil force. Players don the role of a team of robust champions as they prove their deck-building and decision-making skills in dynamic duels within the dark and unforgiving battlefields of Issilith. With a dual resource system, twin lane battlegrounds, 2v2 multiplayer and a host of mighty avatars to choose from, Phageborn dives into deep strategic card play with gorgeous visuals and intriguing lore.

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