Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Reveals Details on Spring Seasonal Event and Next Big Update

Seasonal Rewards, Level Cap Increase, New Photon Arts, and More are Revealed in Today’s Headline.

In today’s Headline, host Hiro Arai announces the upcoming content planned for Spring, including seasonal rewards, Spring-themed maps, and the April 6th, 2022 update.

The Spring Seasonal Event begins March 6 and will feature seasonal rewards, themed maps, new mischief symbols, and more. For the first time, there will be no cap on the number of seasonal points players can earn! A special booster called Balloonimix can be purchased to increase the number of seasonal points players can earn. Players can earn a new 5-star rarity Lumiere weapon with the light attribute, which is strong against seasonal enemies who are weak against light. An event-exclusive Scratch Ticket can be earned by completing the event, Urgent Quests, and Trigger Quests, such as the limited-time Spring Urgent Quest. Players can expect even more limited-time fun when the second half of the Spring Event begins on March 23rd, 2022.

The April 6th, 2022 Update will raise the level cap to 45. One Photon Art will be added to most weapons, excluding rods, tails, and wands. Rods, tails, and wands will be receiving three new types of Compound Techniques, which are powerful Class Skills activated by consuming a special power gauge.

There will be many updates in the newest region, Retem. New High Ranked Sectors will be added to the Retem Alnothe Combat Sector. Two new Retem Urgent Quests debut in Retem’s High-Rank Sectors; these enemies increase the attack and defense of other enemies around them but defeating them will reward players with a large amount of Meseta and an occasional Arms Refiner drop. Gigantix will be raised to level 49 and DOLLS in Aelio and Retem will now drop DOLLS-themed Kukuhroziat weapons.

Dedicated photo rooms will now let players take photos without enemies and change the weather! Playlist function is being added to the mag jukebox so players can play their favorite in-game songs one after the other automatically. Streamer Mode will help Streamers show off their gameplay. Players can keep up to date with specific rare drops through custom notifications.

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