Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Unveils New Slayer Class and Upcoming April Update in Latest NGS Headline

SEGA has announced new details regarding the upcoming Slayer Class and the big April update for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, the free-to-play online action RPG game. The new Slayer class is set to arrive on April 12th and features a ranged class that uses the new Gunblade weapon category. It specializes in weaving together various actions for quick sequences of attacks. Additionally, players can switch between Photon Arts abilities with directional inputs, providing a wide array of actions and making it easy to use the right ability in any situation. Certain Class Skills get a boost to Critical Hit Rate or a bonus when a Critical Hit is landed, and players still get these effects when Slayer is set as a Sub-Class.

Starting from April 5th, players can acquire the new Gunblade weapon category via in-game drops or by completing tasks. However, Gunblades can’t be equipped, and tasks from Instructor Slaine can’t be accepted until April 12th, when the Slayer class is released. The new Exchange Shop, Slayer Operation Prep Ticket Exchange, will also be added to the Item Trader on April 5. Players can trade for a slew of Gunblades and Weapon Camo using the Slayer Operation Prep Tickets to prepare for the arrival of Slayer. They can also trade these Tickets for valuable items like Special Scratch Tickets and Arms Refiner II.

Chapter 5 of the main story is also on its way, taking players to the floating island, Leceil. Starting April 5th, the newest chapter takes players to the huge structure floating in the sky, which they may have seen looming ominously over the field. How will the protagonists get to the “floating island” known as Leceil, and what lies in store for them inside? The secrets of Halpha, long shrouded in mystery, will finally be revealed.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is also celebrating its second anniversary this June, and festivities are starting early with a variety of events and activities that will kick off at the end of April. Starting April 19th, players can enjoy Central City, the open field, and Region Mags decorated for the anniversary. The navigator for the event is Xiemi, who will be wearing the winning design from the PSO2 10th Anniversary Item Design Contest. Additionally, new items will be available in the Seasonal Points Exchange Shop, and new 8-star Revita Series weapons will be introduced. A new Augment Sezun Segundanifiv will also be available to become even more powerful. Lastly, players can join Peppy Rappy in the Happy Rappy Rumble limited-time Urgent Quest to defeat 300 enemies attracted by the experiment. At the end of the quest, the event’s exclusive boss enemy, Resplendent Ams, will appear. Resplendent Ams may drop accessories that resemble it.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Xbox Series X|S

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