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Today, Riot Games revealed the anthem for this year’s League of Legends World Championship. Music is a large part of this annual event’s entertainment and has served to help connect the sport with fans around the world. Last year’s “Rise” gained global acclaim and involved the talents of The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive. Watch the “Rise” music video:

In partnership with Against the Current’s Chrissy Costanza and Cailin Russo, Riot Records is proud to reveal “Phoenix”, the League of Legends World Championship anthem for 2019. Focusing on overcoming deep, personal fears, “Phoenix” depicts the moments of defeat we face in life and the fear that these moments are the ones that’ll break you once and for all.

This year’s music video further hits the theme home as it follows three of the most well-known and successful professional League of Legends’ players, Faker, Caps, and Rookie, and their in-game champion counterparts during a moment of defeat in their esports career. During these moments of defeat, they are faced against a “dark” version of themselves, which they must overcome in order to embrace their future.

Christina Nicola “Chrissy” Costanza is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. She is currently the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the rock band, Against The Current. Chrissy previously performed the 2017 Worlds anthem “Legends Never Die,” which was one of our most resonant Worlds collaborations ever. In addition to bringing uniquely powerful vocals, Chrissy also is an avid League of Legends player and fan.

Lead singer of her eponymous band, Russo, Cailin Suzanne Russo started off as an American model and is best known for her role in Justin Bieber’s music videos. Cailin offers a vibrant vocal flavor to “Phoenix” and carries an authentic passion and enthusiasm for the project that fans will be sure to recognize.

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